After Ranveer Singh gets booked for nude photoshoot, Shilpa Shetty finally faces the VERDICT of her 15-year old obscenity case with Richard Gere

Ranveer Singh has been grabbing headlines like only he can here, there and everywhere for stripping right down to his birthday suit for a recent photoshoot in paper magazine. Ranveer Singh‘s aesthetically done and smouldering-hot nude magazine photoshoot, which surfaced recently, has been the subject of discussion everywhere, with an FIR now being needlessly registered against the star, citing obscenity and being insensitive to women bizarre, right? Well, this isn’t the first bizarre case of obscenity registered against a Bollywood actor by people who just couldn’t mind their business. Let’s jog your memory to the time Shilpa Shetty was booked 15 years ago.

When Shilpa Shetty was booked for Richard Gere kissing her

Back in 2007, Richard Gere had held and kissed Shilpa Shetty for a considerable duration an AIDS awareness programme in India. Not surprisingly given the state of our society, which has hardly changed, it created a useless furore and entertainment news reports surfaced of a case was registered against the actress both in Rajasthan and Ghaziabad for spreading obscenity, when, ironically, Shilpa was at the receiving end of said kiss, and if anybody had any business registering a complaint, it would be her, not that she wanted to though. Later, the Supreme Court granted her request to transfer the cases to Mumbai.

Verdict in on Shilpa Shetty obscenity case after 15 years

Well, 15 years after the unnecessary case was first registered against Shilpa Shetty, Metropolitan Magistrate has finally arrived at its verdict, acquitting the actress of all charges ergo another circus show and waste of precious judicial time has come to a much-belated end. Fingers crossed that Ranveer Singh’s much sooner than this and with a justifiable positive outcome. Hope that some day these archaic obscenity laws of our country are also done away with.

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