Alia Bhatt OPENS UP about being judged and trolled for getting pregnant soon after her marriage with Ranbir Kapoor

Alia Bhatt faced a lot of judgements ever since she announced her pregnancy within two months of her marriage with hubby Ranbir Kapoor. The actress faced unwanted and uncalled criticism online. Alia Bhatt who is back in town after shooting her Hollywood debut Heart Of Stone is now gearing up for the promotions of her upcoming release Darlings which will premiere on Netflix. While she is all set to embrace motherhood, she has kickstarted the promotions of the film and left everyone impressed with her style game.

As quoted by Indiatimes, in one of the interactions, Alia was asked about the judgements she faced online for her pregnancy announcement, to which she said that she doesn’t want to pay attention to nonsensical things. The actress said, “Everything a woman does is put in the headlines. Whether she has decided to become a mother, she is dating somebody new; she is going to a cricket match or on holiday. For some reason, the eyeballs are always on women’s choices.”


Alia Bhatt speaks about embracing motherhood

Alia even spoke about being questioned for getting pregnant at this young age and said that she knows how to balance both her personal and professional life. The actress added that one doesn’t plan great things, they just happen. The Darlings actress further said that she is also happy that things are changing and read many articles supporting her, saying ‘What is your problem? Let her be’. “I feel it (the change) is automatically happening, and one doesn’t need to pay too much attention.”



Alia was extremely offended by the reports of her taking a rest, and Ranbir Kapoor going to London to pick her up. She had took to Instagram to slam the reports, “Meanwhile we still live in some people’s heads we still live in some patriarchal world.. FYI. Nothing has gotten delayed!!!! No one needs to PICK anyone up I am a woman, not a parcel!!!! I do not need to REST at all but good to know you’ll have a doctors certification as well:) This is 2022. Can we pls get out of this archaic way of thinking! Now if you would excuse me my shot is ready.” Alia is and was unstoppable and she proves it time and again.

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