Anupamaa fame Anagha Bhosale aka Nidhi giving serious thought to marriage – opens up on her ‘life partner’

Actress Anagha Bhosale was quite the popular face until not do long ago on what continues to be arguably the most popular show currently on Indian television Anupamaa. It thus came as quite a shock to all Anagha Bhosale fans when the TV actress not only quit the show not uncommon these days in the Indian TV industry but also television for good or so that’s what she says, and decided to relocate to an ecovillage in Wada, a district in Maharashtra, to spend the rest of her time drenched in spirituality and offering services to said ecovillage. Well, from what we’re hearing now, Anupamaa actress Anagha Bhosale is finally ready to tie the knot, too.

Anupamaa actress Anagha Bhosale opens up on getting married

In a conversation with Bombay Times, Anagha Bhosale set the record straight on her new journey of spirituality and letting go of worldly pleasures, stressing that it’s not as if she has renounced the world as we know it, and insists that she still wants to get married, hoping to find the right life partner soon who’s as spiritual and religious as her. Well here’s hoping that Anagha Bhosale’s wish for her particular Mr. Right come true sooner rather than later.

Anupamaa actress Anagha Bhosale hasn’t forgone her responsibilities

In the same chat, Anagha Bhosale added that her new lifestyle doesn’t mean that she has forgotten her responsibilities, letting her fans and well-wishers know that she continues to visit her parents from time to time and dutifully does what needs to be done as a daughter. Till her Mr. Right doesn’t come along though, Anagha is content to keep living like a hermit at the ecovillage in Wada since she feels that the happiness she has found there is something she has sought all her life.

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