Anupamaa SHOCKING upcoming twists: Anu slips into mental trauma, Pakhi to forever regret insulting her mother

In the current episode of Anupamaa, Pakhi insults Anu and leaves her teary-eyed. Anuj loses his temper seeing his wife getting insulted. He gets into a verbal spat with Vanraj. The two hold each other’s collar and get into a fight. Anupamaa cries her heart out seeing them fight and requests them to stop. Anuj expresses displeasure at Bapuji for keeping quiet and letting them insult Anu. Anuj will tell Anu that she will not come to the Shah’s house ever again. Anuj’s firm decision leaves everyone shell-shocked. Bapuji does not believe that Anu will not be coming into the house and reprimands everyone for insulting her.

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anu leaves the Shah house crying and Bapuji loses his calm with Pakhi, Vanraj, Baa, and others. He takes a jibe at them and insults Vanraj and Toshu. He reminds them that they both were looking for a job and Anuj had helped them in finding one. He even insults Pakhi for saying anything to her mother. Kavya supports Bapuji and says that Pakhi should be slapped for crossing her limit.

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After hearing Bapuji’s words, Pakhi breaks down and rushes to her room. She asked her father when she was insulting Anupamaa why did no one stop her? She even says that she wants to apologize to her mother. Vanraj stops her and says that she should never go to that house.

Bapuji cruses Pakhi that one day she will regret as because of her Anupamaa got insulted. Anupamaa cannot believe that her daughter Pakhi lost her control. Anu controls her suffering and freshens ups. Anupamaa, Anuj, and Choti Anu spend time together. On the other hand, Anupamaa reminds Pakhi’s words and the way she spoke to her. Her trauma gets intense and she slips into a mental trauma state. On the other hand, Anuj will soon suffer from paralysis and Anu will be in a tight spot. What will happen next?

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