Anupamaa Twist: Netizens disgusted with Baa as she calls Anu a ‘home-breaker’; call her ‘toxic, ‘vile woman’ and more [VIEW TWEETS]

TV show Anupamaa is churning out one shocker after the other. The show has Rupali Ganguly playing the main lead while Gaurav Khanna essays the role of her husband Anuj Kapadia. Fans are desperately waiting to see their magical chemistry on-screen but it is the Shah family who is ruining it all. The Shah family is Anupamaa’s ex-husband Vanraj’s family. Now, Kinjal has come to stay with Anupamaa and Anuj along with her daughter Arya after Toshu cheated on her. Toshu is Anupamaa’s son and Kinjal is her daughter-in-law. In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we see Baa reaching the Kapadia house to get Kinjal back to the Shah house.

Entertainment News: Anupamaa fans are unhappy with Baa

Baa has never been a calm person. She has always been against Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa calling her names and more. As she demanded that Kinjal should return to her house, Baa called Anupamaa a home-breaker. She told Kinjal that if she stays with Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia, her marriage with Toshu will end up in divorce. She even tries to take Arya with her. But it is Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj who comes to the rescue. Anuj says that it is Enough and orders Samar to take Baa to her home.

Netizens are disgusted with Baa played by Alpana Buch. On Twitter, she is receiving many hate comments. Netizens are calling the character ‘toxic’ and ‘manipulative’.

Check out a few tweets below:

What illogical,vile woman Baa is, mother and son abused Anu for 26 years,made her work in kitchen serving them,on top V cheated her, yet she has audacity to come to her house,call her homebreaker,kids raised by single moms r far better than in toxic families,ex T, P? #Anupamaa

jaz (@jaz03659759) September 24, 2022

Baa trying to manipulate emotionally so that trap in a marriage and understimating kinjal disgusting

Am so disgusted with his thing gosh ??#Anupamaa #AnujKapadia #MaAn

Devoleena FC????? ( Shagun/D ) (@DevNaFC) September 24, 2022

She thinks Baa is entertaining whereas Baa is abusive and toxic. #Anupamaa

Cinema Therapy (@moviesadmirer) September 24, 2022

Will Baa ever have a change of heart? She is good when she needs Anupamaa but otherwise she’s too much, isn’t she? Watch this space for more updates.

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