BTS ARMY celebrates 1 year of Kim Taehyung and Jungkook aka TaeKook’s THIS selfie – here’s what’s special about it

BTS is a rage across the country these days. The biggest and currently most adored boyband consists of seven members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook also popularly known as the Bangtan Boys. They have massive fandom whom they call ARMY. The BTS ARMY is all protective of the members. Of late, they have been looking forward to various projects by each BTS member. Apart from being protective, they celebrate every little thing about the boys. Just like today, the BTS ARMY is celebrating 1 year of the selfies of Taehyung and Jungkook aka TaeKook.

Hollywood News: Taekook’s selfie post completes a year

So, as told y’all before the BTS ARMY loves to celebrate moments of the Bangtan Boys. And when it comes to two of the most adored members from the Maknae line Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook it goes without saying that they are going to trend. TaeKook, as their friendship and bond are shipped together amongst the ARMY, has a massive fan following, both collectively and individually. Coming back to the selfie, it was shared by Jungkook on his Instagram feed ages ago. The post contained Jungkook’s selfie followed by his and Taehyung’s in the bathroom mirror at New York’s Atomix restaurant.

Here’s a video BTS V shared on Instagram from a jazz club:

ARMY celebrates as Taekook’s Atomix restaurant selfie completes a year

Well, the post is no longer seen on Jungkook’s Instagram handle as the Left and Right singer deleted all his posts to create a cool layout for his Instagram feed. ARMYs have observed that Jungkook posted the picture three months after they actually went to the restaurant, surprising the ARMY. The talk of the Twitter town has also been that only Taehyung and Jungkook of all the BTS members would have gone to the restaurant. Well, it cannot be confirmed. Anyway, the ARMYs are celebrating the same. Check out the tweets here:

happy one year to this iconic taekook atomix date

(@jkthvantekku) September 20, 2022

Entonces hoy se cumpli un a o de que taekook tuvo su cena en el atomix y que supimos de esta salida meses despu s con la llegada de las cuentas personales de Instagram de los chicos y koo subi las fotos con tae. ??#taekook

Itzy;lvs tk (@taeuphoriatty) September 21, 2022

got my twitter balloons tudei!! ?also happy one year to this iconic taekook atomix date ? ?

drea (@jjksvoo) September 21, 2022

? I’m crying ? I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since taekook had their Atomix date the real deal ???? #taekook

????PalyTaeKook???? (@palytaekook) September 20, 2022

Happy Anniversary to the Very Unexpected Date Reveal That Shookt The Whole World ???? #ATOMIX #TAEKOOK

? (@thvJks_) September 21, 2022

It’s been a year already jungkook posted this pic with his taehyungie hyungie hyung and tagged him of his bread cheeks?

Time flies real quick happy 1 yr to the iconic atomix date ?#taekook #vkook #kookv


Mikro ia (@jjkkthv21) September 20, 2022

What do you mean taekook’s atomix date was a year ago? Time isn’t real.

(@regalkv) September 20, 2022

happy 1st anniversary to taekook atomix dinner date

?? (@SoloistJKV) September 20, 2022

Taekook Atomix date will always remain iconic ??

Happy 1 year to it

?????? ??? (@i_am_AnkitaD) September 20, 2022

Happy first year anniversary to this taekook atomix special date. Private but but not secret.?? #taekook

taekookheart?? (@arusha0o) September 20, 2022


Jborahae (@tete_lover95) September 20, 2022

it has been a year since this iconic taekook atomix date ? #taekook #vkook #kookv

via ?? (@taekooktoptier) September 20, 2022

happy one year to taekook atomix date ??

cams & drea day ia ? (@9597THVJK) September 20, 2022

Your One. Your Two.#taekook #atomix

? (@thvJks_) September 21, 2022

It’s been one year since their Atomix date already ?#TaeKook

????? ? ?? (@mazumder_disha) September 20, 2022

Talking about the solo projects of BTS members, it is said that Taehyung is working on his album currently. He might be the next to drop his album right after RM or maybe even before the BTS leader. His interview and photoshoot with Vogue magazine went viral recently. On the other hand, Jungkook dropped Left and Right with Charlie Puth and also worked with the BTS vocal line on Bad Decisions alongside Snoop Dogg, and Benny Blanco.

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