BTS: Bang PD lands up in Chicago to support TXT and J-Hope for Lollapalooza; ARMY and MOAs cheer loudly for the ‘father figure’

BTS member J-Hope will be performing today at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. He is the headliner for the day. It seems his performance is happening for one hour. We also saw TXT performing at the festival. They are the junior boy group of Big Hit Music. TXT which is Tomorrow x Together has five members. BTS and TXT fans spotted Bang PD at their concert. Yes, he is in Chicago to support his boys. Bang Si-Hyuk or Bang PD is the founder of Big Hit Music that formed the Bangtan Boys and TXT. He is seen as a visionary in the world of K-Pop. He spends a lot of time in the US as he is working together his own career as a musician now that BTS and TXT are well-settled.

BTS ARMY noticed that Bang PD was wearing yellow crocs with BT21 characters on them. This was too cute for them to handle. Bang PD has been spotted at the concerts of BTS as well. Pictures of him sitting outside a venue on the grass went viral before their Europe concert. Fans said that he is like a daddy who is there for every big moment of his kids. This is how fans reacted on the same…

I think they are screaming bang pd cause there’s another video where girls were screaming n giggling seeing bang pd n in this video you can see pang pd is there (I don’t think jm was in that area)

Abc (@Abc06592452) July 31, 2022

bang pd honestly deserves all the hype he’s getting. he produced so many iconic bts, txt and enhypen songs and etc and a very supportive chairman that the groups can rely on. cheers to u bang pd! hope u had a great time

anne ? (@97ftjoon) July 31, 2022

My day sucks but somehow drunk ARMY & moa screaming “Bang Pd” at lollapalooza made it 10% better#jhope #BTS #JackInTheBox #jhope_Arson @BTS_twt

BriarRose ?ARSON? ?????? (@TheOneBriarRose) July 31, 2022

Bang PD park jimin J-Hope Lollapalooza

Jikook-Island (@carpediem24h) July 31, 2022

jimin spotted with txt member Beomgyu at restaurant ? he looks so cute with the hat

KINGMIN ? (@Park__Kingmin) July 31, 2022


ria (@personaguk) July 31, 2022

BTS member J-Hope will be performing all the songs of Jack In The Box, Hope World and Chicken Noodle Soup on the stage. Maximum tickets have been sold for him, and even the merch booths are full of stuff.

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