BTS: Benny Blanco gives a sneak peek into the making of Bad Decisions and ARMY cannot keep calm [Read Tweets]

BTS fans are having a whale of a weekend. In the morning, we saw gorgeous pics of Park Jimin leaving for the US along with a manager. He looked like a prince as he went to support J-Hope at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. It seems he has a personal schedule in Los Angeles as well. Fans are hoping that Jimin will announce a big solo project soon. Benny Blanco has now shared a teaser of what went into the making of Bad Decisions. The song is going to drop in a few days. It features rap icon Snoop Dog, Benny Blanco and the BTS vocal line of Jin, Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung. Take a look at the video…

this is how we made “Bad Decisions” ? @bts_bighit @SnoopDogg

benny blanco (@ItsBennyBlanco) July 30, 2022

Benny Blanco is famous as a songwriter and record producer. He has many hits under his kitty. This is the first collab of Benny and BTS. In the video, we can see Jin and Jungkook singing. Take a look at the reactions on Twitter…

Oh my god oh my god!!!!

I’m so excited can’t wait to listen to it????

Alaa in the box? (@Alaa613AFBF) July 30, 2022


? (@zina51914453) July 30, 2022

I’m so excited!!!

Kikz (Collect Hearts ?) (@kikzkim) July 30, 2022


aster | ?08/05 (@asterjjk) July 30, 2022

western acts do these snippets to create hype, especially on tiktok. look what happened with left and right, it’s so stable on streams and charts. it creates hype and make locals/nonfans curious

Bamie (@eboybamie) July 30, 2022

Bangtan Boys are now focused on solo projects. The group will get together for the Busan global concert in October 2022 for the World Expo. The group is on a hiatus from group projects for a while now.


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