BTS: Is RM aka Kim Namjoon’s album releasing sooner than expected? Temple visit leaves fans curious

BTS member RM aka Kim Namjoon has posted pics from a temple visit. The leader of BTS had gone there with his friends Supreme Boi and San Yawn. It looked like they did a temple stay. The location is the Jikjisa Temple, which is a Buddhist temple cum monastery. Many such places offer temple stays for tourists and visitors. People can enjoy the sprawling premises that have gardens, ponds and quaint houses. This is not the first time that RM has been on a temple visit. Fans remember how the whole BTS gang went to the Bomunsa Temple to pray for the Wings album in 2017.

RM identifies himself as an atheist but is fond of places of cultural interest. BTS fans know that it is a tradition with music producers at Big Hit Music to pray at a temple before the release of an album. They are wondering if RM’s album will come sooner than expected. He has said that 90 per cent of the work is done though he has not shot a music video. Supreme Boi is one of the highest paid music producers in Korea, and a part of Big Hit Music. This is how fans reacted to the pics…

an album coming????

Patties (@no1BBsinger_BTS) July 27, 2022

Seem like he praying for his solo album. He said that he always go to temple when their album finished.

?Lovely Bangtan ? (@snsa92) July 27, 2022

A temple visit… u know what that means…

Anj ?JACK IN THE ? (@AnjTorc) July 28, 2022

one thing that’s been on my mind since yesterday, don’t bighit producers have a tradition of going to the temple and posing like so, before they release an album for good luck? and since rm is probably self-producing his album… is it coming sooner than we think??

goldenbeary | hobipalooza (@extraRYce) July 28, 2022

BTS RM is enjoying his break and indulging in his love for art. He said that his aim is to create timeless songs like the art pieces he sees and admires. Talking about his handle, he said that Instagram is an archive for RM, the performer and Kim Namjoon, the person. But fans are super kicked about his album. Mono, his solo is one of the most loved works from RM aka Kim Namjoon.

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