BTS: J-Hope promotes Jack In The Box on IU’s Palette but it’s Jungkook that ARMY is concerned about [View Tweets]

OMG, BTS’ J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok promoted his newly released album Jack In The Box on popular South Korean artist IU’s show IU’s Palette. Well, it has been a huge surprise for the BTS ARMY. The video of J-Hope appearing on IU’s show was dropped a couple of minutes ago and ever since ARMY is going bonkers. And BTS’s Golden Maknae aka Jungkook is the talk of the town. Well, if you are new here, keep reading to know why Jungkook is being talked about when he is not a part of IU’s show with J-Hope.

J-Hope appears on IU’s Palette

For the unversed, IU is one of the most respectable artists in South Korea who has achieved global fame. She is a singer-songwriter, record producer and actress. Both IU and J-Hope were really shy as the show began but IU, being the ace host quickly Hobi comfortable. They talked about J-Hope’s newly released album Jack In the Box. IU thanks J-Hope for choosing to promote his music on her show, IU’s Palette. Hobi praised IU and her show saying that she was doing a great job promoting other artists and their music. Together, J-Hope and IU performed on various tracks from Jack In The Box, discussed music and more. And for the ARMYs, it was a pleasant surprise and a collaboration/duet they never saw coming. J-Hope and IU coming together is one of the biggest take away in Hollywood News and for the BTS fans.

BTS ARMY concerned about Jungkook after Hobi’s appearance on IU’s show

If you are a baby ARMY, well, this is the most interesting part. Y’all would be wondering what’s JK aka BTS’ Jungkook got to do with J-Hope and IU’s performance and meet-greet. Well, Jungkook likes IU a lot. Yes, you read that right. Well, she is his celebrity crush and an inspiration. Jungkook has countless times expressed his admiration for IU as an artist. He is like the biggest fanboy of IU. And hence, after seeing J-Hope, his hyung with IU, BTS ARMY is worried about or more like teasing Jungkook about their duet. Check out the tweets here:

W-WAIT????!!! WHAT!??!!!!

(@ye0ng_g) July 28, 2022

omg my fav people ???

Aleks in the box (@zaleksandram) July 28, 2022

42 minutes

lau (@jvnggkuk) July 28, 2022

Jungkook fighting air rn

kalkal (@kaloouuu) July 28, 2022

jungkook to hobi rn

eve #SaveTheEarth (@evemyrr) July 28, 2022

Such a good looking frame!

jaeha (@feed24x7) July 28, 2022

jk is like this rn

(^-^; (@taenosaur_rawr) July 28, 2022

I can imagine the betrayal in Jungkook’s face now

They’ll be back (43) (@Army_Real7) July 28, 2022

Jungkook after seeing this:-

I want to release jjk1 immediately and meet IU

Amina (@Ami_kook_) July 28, 2022

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box

Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope’s Jack In The Box dropped a couple of days ago. It consists of 10 tracks with the lead single More. The tracklist includes More, Arson, = (Equal Sign), Pandora’s Box, Stop, Music Box: Reflection, What if…, Safety Zone and Future. Meanwhile, currently, J-Hope is in Chicago, gearing up for his debut at Lollapalooza.

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