BTS: J-Hope REVEALS one song that left everyone surprised at Jack In The Box listening party

The popular South Korean pop band BTS member J-Hope recently showed a new side to himself at the listening party for his debut solo album Jack in the Box. Yes, you read that right! J-Hope recently revealed that there was one particular song that left everyone shocked and surprised during the listening party. As soon as the piano began for his song “What If ,” J-Hope started receiving praise from his guests for his unique song.

J-Hope’s songs including “STOP (There Are No Bad People In The World)” and “= (Equal Sign)” showcase the positive beliefs, humanity, and other good points of the singer that are perfectly reflected in his music. He even wonders at times whether he only shares views and discusses these things when he became J-Hope? He once said, Could I, as a regular human being “Jung Hoseok with nothing to show, have been able to tackle these stories?” He even strongly believes and acknowledges that his name has influenced him over the years and made him a positive person. J-Hope’s song ‘Music Box: Reflection’ showcases a shift in the tracklist. The reaction of his guests present at the listening party proves how cool and sassy is the song. J-Hope’s Jack In The Box listening party became one of the most trending Hollywood news.

J-Hope’s sampled song from Wu-Tang Clan has a powerful beat and also captured the old-school vibe. J-Hope revealed that he added the beats he used to dance to during his younger years and recreated the old vibes. ARMYs are in love with the lyrics of the song. J-Hope even said that he would not be able to address big issues with a positive outlook if he did not have the titles, money, or honor that he has now.

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