BTS: J-Hope reveals why he didn’t do solo projects before; shares hard-hitting fact of being the most popular boyband member

BTS member J-Hope aka Jung Hosoek dropped his first solo album Jack In The Box a couple of days ago and it blew away everyone’s minds, especially ARMY. J-Hope had earlier expressed his desire to explore himself as an artist and wanted to showcase his darker and extremely raw side and with Jack In The Box, he did exactly the same. It took him 9 years to drop a full-fledged album. Why? Hobi revealed in his appearance on ZICO’s show Give Me A Minute.

J-Hope shares hard-hitting fact of being a BTS member

Being a BTS member is not an easy thing and life, especially after global success, has become extremely difficult indeed. J-Hope and the rest of the BTS members – RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook, have been experiencing it firsthand. While RM and Suga have dropped the mixtapes before as solo projects, the other members haven’t really explored much. Things are changing now as BTS’ Chapter 2 will focus more on the solo projects of the members. RM and Suga are masters at lyrics writing while others have been learning it while being a part of BTS. ZICO asked J-Hope how he works on his solo projects while having a hectic schedule as a BTS member. Hobi shared that it’s extremely difficult and he would carry his laptop and a dynamic mic while making music on an overseas schedule and work in a hotel room. “In the past, I really had no time. We had so many things to do as BTS,” he shared. Well, it is indeed one of the hard-hitting facts for those who think it’s easy for BTS. ZICO made a light-hearted moment of it saying, “It’s called pop star life.”

J-Hope shares why he dropped 10 tracks with no collabs

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box consists of 10 tracks which are More, Arson, = (Equal Sign), Safety Zone, Stop, Pandora Box, Music Box: Reflection, What If…, and Future. He has been involved in all the facets of the album making and didn’t work with any artists on his music for his album, like a collaboration. When asked about dropping a full-length album without featuring any artist, J-Hope shared that he felt that following trends is not a bad thing. He wanted people to see that he is capable of doing what he wants. Basically, he wanted to showcase his individual personality and shine through his music. He felt it was necessary before taking the next step in his musical journey.

J-Hope, you certainly did an AMAZING job with Jack In The Box and ARMYs can bet that you’d just do better and better in the future. It’s safe to say he gave them the HOPE.

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