BTS’ J-Hope rocks Lollapalooza: From Becky G joining him on stage to Hobi’s cursing avatar; here are 7 unforgettable moments from his solo stage debut

BTS member J-Hope left no crumbs at the Lollapalooza Festival. The main dancer, rapper and sub vocalist of BTS performed for over an hour at the festival. He sang his entire discography except Mama for a crowd of over one lakh. This is the highest attendance for a BTS member event. Las Vegas’ SoFi stadium has a capacity of 70,000. J-Hope was joined on the stage by Latino singer, Becky G. They collaborated for the song, Chicken Noodle Soup in the past, and performed on it for the audience. TXT members, Jimin and Bang PD cheered J-Hope from the stands. The Golden Hyung of BTS admitted that he was stressed about smearing the BTS name if he did not do well. J-Hope practised daily for six hours and more to deliver a perfect evening for the crowd. Even locals have loved him. Here is a rewind of his moments…

J-Hope and Becky G on the stage

She joined him as they sang and danced on the chartbuster Chicken Noodle Soup. Becky G said that she was proud of her bro, J-Hope who was killing it. The two shared a hug as well.

J-Hope did a new choreo of Dynamite

This was a huge surprise for the audience. No one expected a new dance version of Dynamite on the stage. Jimin said that he did not inform the members about it as well.

Me encant la nueva coreograf a de Dynamite (remix tropical) , est re genial! Muero por ver a los Tannies haci ndola.

#HOBIPALOOZA #jhopeAtLollapalooza

Luly ?? I miss You Mimi. (@GumPjk) August 1, 2022

J-Hope cursing in English

There is something about the US that takes out the wild side of BTS member. We remember Joon’s Make Some MotherF**king Noise and Taehyung’s Holy Shit. Jung Hoseok also cursed quite a bit (as per BTS standards) on stage.

quick compilation of hoseok cursing

amberthv. slow (@kthseoulove) August 1, 2022

J-Hope’s entry on the Lollapalooza stage

Keeping with the theme of Jack In The Box, J-Hope came out of a box with electric energy on stage. His long hair was perfect for head banging. Sir Jung Hoseok made fans crazy and how.


j-hope daily (@thehobiprint) August 1, 2022

BTS J-Hope soaks in the fan chant

The rapper went wow hearing the loud fan chant. With his long hair, chiseled jawline and that glistening skin, J-Hope looked handsome and hot as hell. We could feel his emotions.

BTS member J-Hope vibing on Blue Side

The song Blue Side from his mixtape Hope World is loved by ARMY and J-Hope fans. It speaks about his more introverted emotional side, which is hidden from fans. He really felt the song with fans creating an epic moment on that stage.

This moment for ‘Blue Side’ with so many supportive crowds is so emotional ?please look up at his written lyrics for this song and you will know and feel jhope emotions right here ???? #jhope #Lollapalooza #HOBIPALOOZA

(@quetieee) August 1, 2022

BTS member J-Hope committing Arson at Lollapalooza

Arson, the song from Jack In The Box made a great impression with the two music videos, More and Arson. The latter is a masterpiece. J-Hope recreated that walk from Arson for his music video.


Juli n Espitia (@JULIANMEOFICIAL) August 1, 2022

This was a short compilation of all the great moments of BTS member J-Hope on the Lollapalooza Stage in Chicago. The mayor of the town welcomed Hobi on stage. BTS is now gearing up for the Busan concert.







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