BTS: J-Hope’s unique way of inviting guest to the Jack In The Box listening party will leave ARMY surprised

BTS is one of the most popular South Korean pop bands that is ruling hearts for decades now. Recently hip-hop artist Simon Dominic spoke his heart out about how he was invited to BTS J-Hope’s Jack in the Box listening party. In an interview with W Korean, the handsome Simon shared good memories with BTS members and shared pictures with them. He surprised all his fans and ARMY when he revealed how he was invited to the party.

The charming star revealed that J-Hope had sent a DM to him. The message read, ‘J-Hope sent me a long DM. ‘Hello, hyung. I grew up listening to your music.’ How could I not go?’ Simon had a busy hectic work schedule, but he had to take out time and attend the listening party. He said that he had to go to the event after receiving a sincere message from J-Hope himself. J-Hope’s Jack In The Box listening party grabbed the spot in trending Hollywood news.

Moreover, Simon was able to connect with other BTS members and also with popular celebs who graced the event with their presence. J-Hope’s listening party guests were personally invited by the star himself by sending unique messages. Right from creating unique music to approaching people, J-Hope gave a personalized touch and this proves he is blessed with a kind heart. J-Hope has given yet another reason for ARMY to fall in love with him.

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