BTS: Jimin’s beefy bodyguard gets love from ARMY as he guards Chim Chim from crazy fans at the Incheon Airport in a ruthless manner [Watch Video]

BTS is mobbed by fans all over. Park Jimin left Incheon Airport on Saturday morning to travel to Chicago for the Lollapalooza Festival. He was dressed to kill in Chanel, Fendi and other top brands. Though Big Hit Music did not release any official statement that Jimin is leaving, media and fans gathered there after an unofficial tip-off. The Filter singer asked the media how did they come to know that he was leaving when no announcement was made for the same. They told him that he was the Park Jimin and such a news could not be hidden for long.

Now, Jimin’s bodyguard is getting a lot of love from ARMY for protecting Baby Mochi like an action hero. Compared to Jimin, the guy is tall and looks like a hulk besides him. A number of people had gathered and some of them seemed to charge towards the singer. Not wasting a minute, his bodyguard pushed them away to protect Jimin. ARMY has thanked him for his efforts. Some even said that Jimin’s bodyguard was too handsome. Take a look at the video and reactions…

lets take a moment to appreciate jimin’s bodyguard he is HUGE ? but look at him doing it all to protect our prince ??

???? ? (@lajiminista_) July 31, 2022

not to be rude if someone would shove their phone on jimin’s face or any of the tannies face and that is how my body looked /strength (the bodyguard) i would’ve punched the shit out of you maybe I’ll lose my job for punching someone but like give they deserve S P A C E

‘k’riti loves suha in the box ? (@bangtriviia) July 31, 2022

that video of jimin’s bodyguard shoving those sasaengs got me smiling so hard…that was peak cinema

JANELLA ? (@yoonkookella) July 31, 2022

Hi hello! Bodyguard Jimin single tak? ??

SemogaTashaPullTaekookJoonAamiin ?? (@blishhh96) July 31, 2022

lets take a moment to appreciate jimin’s bodyguard he is HUGE ? but look at him doing it all to protect our prince ??

???? ? (@lajiminista_) July 31, 2022

Jimin bu adam yemiyorsan give me that bodyguard

nazl (@cicekseokjin) July 31, 2022

Find a man like Jimin’s bodyguard ahgshagshagshavshansbha.

Hana Tinkerbell (@hanaluvlyness) July 31, 2022

Jimin getting escorted by 4 bodyguards who look like they’d throw anyone to the nearest trashcan if needed.


? ? #yourlovev ? (@eternalhyyh) July 30, 2022

I’ll settle for THIS bodyguard though if I can’t have Jimin???

MaiJungkook77! Still With You?APO BANGPO!? (@MaiKookie77) July 30, 2022

Jimin has gone to cheer BTS member J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok at Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. He was seen with TXT member Beomgyu at a restaurant in Chicago too. We are not sure if Jimin will do a small gig with J-Hope on the stage.

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