BTS: Jin predicted J-Hope’s American solo concert way before Lollapalooza; ARMY bowled over by JINstradamus 

BTSJ-Hope aka Jung Hoseok has been trending a lot ever since he made his solo album debut with Jack In The Box. His popularity was cemented after he made his solo concert, a super hit one at that, at the Lollapalooza, Chicago. J-Hope has taken over the pop world and how! However, ARMY, Jin aka Kim Seokjin, the eldest of BTS had already predicted J-Hope’s solo debut. Yes, you read that right. It was way back in 2017 that Jin had said that he wants J-Hope to have a concert in America and not with the band mates but a solo one. And now, ARMY has dug up the video and has been going crazy over Jinstradamus.


Way back In 2017, when BTS members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook – made an appearance on Jojo Wright’s show on Kiss FM, they had talked about a lot of things. BTS members always grab headlines in the Hollywood news. So, during the interview, Wright asked them what happens when BTS hits 15M on Twitter. Jin said that J-Hope will have a concert in America. And that sure came true! Hobi performed solo at the Lollapalooza concert in Chicago a couple of days ago. He was the solo highest ticket selling artist in the. Lollapalooza history. Check out the video here:

ARMY bowled over by Jin’s prediction

Usually, ARMY considers Suga aka Min Yoongi to be Minstradamus, however, this title is now being shared with Jin as ARMY is referring to Jin aka Kim Seokjin as Jinstradamus. Check out the tweets here:

seokjin manifested and IT HAPPENED ?

bts quotes archive (@btsqtsarchive) August 3, 2022

Like Jin always had this kind of believed in J-Hope! ?

MicDropHoseok ? (@BTSPotatoFriend) August 3, 2022

JINstradamussss ????

TJ ? (@uarmyreason) August 3, 2022

They know each others dreams and powers the best ???

miya (@miyau_miyau) August 3, 2022

Actually it happened in Lollapalooza?

(@ksjfir) August 3, 2022

Because Jwan knows his Jwehope is extremely talented and underrated. He knows Jwehope will be the first to fly as soloists in America

Sya_xin (@sya_xin) August 3, 2022

JINstradamus strikes again. Yes, he’s not only handsome, he can see the future too. ?

Listening to Yours #Yours_Jin and Super Tuna #SuperTuna_Jin by #JIN @BTS_twt

KC??| HOBIPALOOZA? MANIFESTING ACTOR JIN? (@hackerjinnie) August 3, 2022

It gives goosebumps ???

Vina? Tannies (Slow) (@tannies_vina) August 3, 2022

HOW DID HE MANIFEST THAT OMG??? Him and yoongi are always predicting things ?

Victoria (@woozy_woozi) August 3, 2022

Seokjinnie’s ongoing saga of him spilling nothing but FACTS

KookyStargazer wants MORE ? (@LadyofBTS_crack) August 3, 2022

Wonder if he remembers saying this ?

lymoon ? JITB ?| BAD DECISIONS (@hi_lyly) August 3, 2022

Meanwhile, in other news, J-Hope has been the worldwide trend for his lollapalooza concert. Jin, on the other hand, recently attended the premiere of the movie Hunt starring Jung Jae-in and Jung Woo-sung. A couple of days ago, Jin attended the premiere of Emergency Declaration. Meanwhile, ARMYs are predicting Jin’s acting debut soon.

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