BTS: Jungkook’s former sasaeng fan spills shocking details; reveals seeking therapy after being caught

BTS and tales of their sasaeng fans are well-known. Now, one incident has been reported where a former sasaeng fan of the septet from Japan revealed how her obsession affected her life. It seems she was recruited by a Korean sasaeng who had told her to follow the band, and find out if Jungkook was dating someone or not. Koreaboo has revealed an incident which has been narrated on a YouTube channel Kisses Dahlia. A Japanese fan has said that she became a K-Pop fan in 2017, and BTS was her fave.

It seems she became famous because of the high quality pics that she took when she went to their concerts. This led to her being approached by a Korean sasaeng. She was given a ‘job’ to spy on the boys and take their pics. It seems she took up the offer because she needed the money. However, the sasaeng culture is very exhausting and found it worrying when she started enjoying the act of spying on the boys. The fan has said that her sister found out that she is a sasaeng and sent her for therapy. The girl has said that she is regretful of her actions and understands how sasaeng culture is harmful.

Even today Jimin said that some fans were calling him when he was doing his VLive with J-Hope after the Lollapalooza Festival. Fans wondered if they were sasaengs who were troubling the boys. We also remember how Jungkook kept getting calls in the middle of the night as he did a VLive chat during the Las Vegas tour. Sasaengs have been known to book tickets in same flights as the boys due to which they stopped taking commercial flights. Once, a sasaeng tried to kiss SUGA but was held by the bodyguard. Well, we are glad that this concerned person came out of obsessive fangirling and became healthier!

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