BTS: RM aka Kim Namjoon’s Swiss vlog is OUT; desi ARMY notice a girl’s voice in Hindi in the background

BTS member RM aka Kim Namjoon’s Swiss vlog is out. The front man of the K-Pop group has made a vlog which has documented his trip to Art Basel, Rigi Mountain and Luzern. From picturesque sights of Switzerland to in-depth look at the art works in museums, it has been a treat for fans. Kim Namjoon aka RM has given commentary and there are many cute moments. But one has caught our notice. We can hear someone talking in Hindi standing just behind BTS leader Kim Namjoon aka RM. The lady can be heard saying that she is there from six in the morning.

It is quite evident that RM aka Kim Namjoon was in close proximity to the person. His dialect is also very endearing in the video. Fans are reminded of the time when a Hindi voice could also be heard in the vlog of Kim Taehyung from Paris. It was when he was posing close to the Eiffel Tower.

there’s someone speaking urdu/hindi in the background of namjoon’s vlog. i tried my best to roughly translate it but i couldn’t understand a lot ? sorry

aex is streaming & voting (@kvlotus) July 30, 2022

THAT WOMENS VOICE BEHIND NAMJOON ON THAT MOUNTAIN SPEAKING URDU/hindi?!!!!! “6 bjy dy uthke” gooooddd it’s giving me that tae paris vid ” ik ghanta hogaya hai” flashback

? (@ddaengnamkook) July 30, 2022

people speaking in hindi in the bg while namjoon is vlogging the serene veiw will never not be funny, it seems they never left that place from the ass crack of the dawn

Ara ? in the box (@roundieluvr) July 30, 2022




Forever Bulletproof ? ? ? (@ksjteam_am) July 30, 2022

Well, BTS is now on a break from group activities. The K-Pop kings will be releasing a song for the FIFA 2022 World Cup. J-Hope aka Hobi will be performing at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. RM also said that his album is ready but he has to film music videos and all.

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