BTS: RM being the father of Bangtan Boys is the most adorable thing ever; ARMY, here’s an UNMISSABLE compilation video [WATCH]

Is BTS really on a hiatus? Well, hiatus or not, there’s no dearth of content featuring the Bangtan Boys RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. We would be getting some amazing solo content from BTS members soon. It has already begun with J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok‘s album, Jack In The Box, however, it’s always a pleasure to watch the old or compilation content, isn’t it, ARMY? Today, we will be having a look at RM aka Kim Namjoon being the father of Bangtan Boys!

BTS’ RM being a father to Jungkook, Taehyung and others

RM aka Kim Namjoon is the leader of BTS, Bangtan Sonyeodan. He has been in charge of keeping together the other six members and maintaining harmony and leading the pack. And while doing so, Joonie aka RM turned from Rap Moster to RM (Real Me), father-figure types. From Namjoon comforting a crying Taehyung to being concerned about Jungkook and Jimin sleeping on the floor. From giving piggyback rides to J-Hope to helping the eldest child – Jin – whenever he is stuck. From collecting the members for a hug to cheering on the members being cute and adorable. And also being strict with the boys when they get out of hand, especially the maknae line – Park Jimin aka Jimin, Kim Taehyung aka V and Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook. Despite RM not being the eldest member, he has turned into someone the Bangtan Boys rely on and look up to on various things. RM lets the boys be themselves and accepts all their shenanigans like a resigned father. Well, it is very funny and goofy. Who knew RM’s dream of being a dad would come true in this way? Teehee, just kidding. Check out the video here:

RM’s solo projects

Meanwhile, RM is not new to solo projects. He has dropped two mixtapes of his own RM (2015) and Mono (2018) which were widely acclaimed. Mono had peaked at 26 on Billboard 200 which was the highest-charting album by a Korean soloist in chart history. BTS RM aka Kim Namjoon has collaborated with various artists such as Wale, Younha, Warren G, Gaeko, Krizz Kaliko, MFBTY, Fall Out Boy, Primary, and Lil Nas X to name a few. He has a KOMCA credit score of 199. He is gearing up for his solo album next and hopes that he is the one to release his solo project after J-Hope. Well, we all are waiting, RM!

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