BTS: SUGA x PSY’s That That a hit at desi weddings? This video from a sangeet will warm hearts of Indian Min Yoongi fans

BTS’ craze is growing in India. We know that many did not like the K-Pop band for a long time but slowly BTS is becoming more mainstream. We have seen songs like Dynamite and Butter being played at weddings. Now, a video has come where we can see people dancing to That That at the sangeet function of an Indian wedding. The group is acing the moves in lehengas and sherwanis. As we know, the choreography of That That is not easy. However, the people in the video make it look quite easy. This is proof that BTS’ craze in India is becoming more mainstream day by day.

dancing to THAT THAT at a desi party ??? OOH YEAH WOW ???

suk ?? (@namverse) August 11, 2022

The song That That which is a collaboration between PSY and SUGA is one of the hits of the year. It has crossed 300 million on YouTube. The two did a live performance together at the Seoul Water Festival where SUGA made a surprise appearance. Fans went crazy. This desi video has warmed the hearts of fans. Take a look at some of the tweets…

girly in the silvery outfit did so well omg she’s so cool i love this so much bro

suk ?? (@namverse) August 11, 2022

the fact that the og choreo matches A LOT of dance steps in desi dances makes it even better because you KNOW no non kpop fan there will even be able to tell the difference

suk ?? (@namverse) August 11, 2022

OMG SO COOL!! djsk the dance steps too ? Jungkook would join them :DD

ara s bad decisions (@hobi_tonin) August 11, 2022

That That might win the Song Of The Year award at the Korean music awards. It is a huge chartbuster. Min Yoongi aka SUGA is also working on a new album, D3. His new OST for Samsung Mobile also came out. BTS members are now preparing for a concert in Busan which is a part of the World Expo bid.


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