BTS: Suga’s fans get worried due to a mistranslation, become doctor for him [Deets Inside]

BTS ARMYs are the cutest and we are sure everyone will agree with us. They keep themselves updated about each and everything their favourite K-pop band members are doing and trend them on social media mostly every day. Recently, Suga’s health became a matter of concern for the ARMY, and not just that, they themselves became doctors for him. You must be wondering what happened to Suga; so well don’t worry, he is fine. This chaos has been created due to a mistranslation.

BTS members make it to the Hollywood news mostly every day. According to Koreaboo, J-Hope has been updating his fans about his trip to Chicago ahead of his performance at Lollapalooza. On Weverse, a fan, whose username translates to ‘This Granny’s Bank Account Belongs To Min Kitty’ thanked for J-Hope’s updates and wrote, “I was not in a good mood. But, because of Hobi, I am happy.”

This comment of the fan grabbed J-Hope’s attention and he jokingly claimed that the fan’s bank account belongs to him now, “Yay! Then your bank account belongs to me now!”

Suga also replied to it, ” ..? (“Where’s my say in this?). Now, here’s where things got a bit messed up because of Weverse’s auto-translation function. In Korea, The word (uisa) in means doctor, but it can also have other meanings like “opinion, thoughts, etc.” So, the auto-translate showed, “What about my doctor?”

This made Suga’s fans worried, and they started commenting, “Which doctooor!!!! Are you feeling bad??” One fan commented, “I am your doctor.” Another fan offered to be Suga’s doctor and also proposed to him for marriage.

Well, we must say that ARMYs reactions are hilarious. This proves how auto-translate can create misunderstanding and make celebs’ fans worried about their health.

Bad Decisions – benny blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg

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