BTS’ V parties with Park Seo-joon; their pictures go VIRAL [View Post]

Even a small video or a picture of any BTS member goes viral and that has happened recently with V’s pictures. BTS’ V and Park Seo-joon were recently seen together in the show In The Soop: Friendcation. While their episodes are grabbing everyone’s attention, here’s one more thing about the Korean celebs that has gone viral. Recently, V aka Kim Taehyung, and Park Seo-joon partied together. The pictures from the party have made it to Instagram and their fans are loving it. Check out the pictures below

Well, V’s fans can’t keep calm after seeing him in party pictures. A fan commented, “Omg KIM TAEHYUNG is there!” Another fan wrote, “Taehyung is so handsome!” One more fan commented, “Omg park seojoon and kim taehyung.”

Recently, V achieved new heights on Instagram. He now had around 47.8 million followers and has surpassed the followers of BLACKPINK (47.7 million). Isn’t this amazing?

Well, BTS has also been in the news for their new song Bad Decisions. They have collaborated with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg for the track which will be out on 5th August 2022. Recently, the Art Reveal of the song happened, and ARMY has been wondering why the ‘cis’ has been blurred in it. Check out their tweets below

see how the cis is blurred? yeah this is for the trans army

praninlove (@jkspat) July 23, 2022

the cis is looking hella blurry

chloe ? ? ? hobipalooza (@hobisupremacy3) July 22, 2022

this is so funny why is it blurring out the “cis” specifically ??

katherine ? (@everythinvirgos) July 22, 2022

A few months ago, it was announced that BTS members will be taking a break to concentrate on their solo careers. Well, ARMY is also eagerly waiting for the solo songs of their favourite members to be released.

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