BTS: V sets new record on Instagram with 47.8 million; surpasses BLACKPINK followers

The popular South Korean pop band BTS’s V recently achieved new heights on Instagram and won the hearts of his fans. V opened Instagram in December 2021 and gained a lot of popularity for his charming personality. ARMYs have another reason to be happy. V recently surpassed the Instagram account of a popular K-Pop group and achieved a new milestone. Yes, you read that right! V has now accumulated around 47.8 million followers and surpassed BLACKPINK’s 47.7 million followers. V has become the 6th most-followed K-Pop artist on Instagram.

This proves that sky is not the limit when it comes to some of the BTS members. The members of the South Korean boy band keep on achieving new things and creates new records. V is also the most-followed male K-Pop idol on Instagram. Moreover, V ranks in the ninth spot with his engagement rate which has made him the only K-Pop artist in the top 10 list. BTS creates amazing music that made ARMYs fall in love with them. BTS members keep breaking social media records.

The band continues to achieve many more things. BTS members joined Instagram on December 6 and made ARMYs go gaga over them. Recently, J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok hosted Jack in the Box’s pre-release/ listening party which was attended by popular celebrities from South Korea. Jack in the Box’s listening / pre-release party was such a big hit. Congratulations to V.

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