BTS X Bad Decisions: ARMY not happy with the MV of Benny Blanco ft Snoop Dogg and Bangtan Boys? [View tweets] 

BTS X Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco‘s Bad Decisions‘s music video and the song is out! And the Bad Decisions MV is different from the rest of the BTS music videos. BTS’ vocal line – Jin aka Kim Seokjin, Jimin aka Park Jimin, Taehyung aka Kim Taehyung and Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook – are collaborating with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg for the first time for a pop number. While the song is quite catchy and easy to groove on to, it seems BTS ARMY is not that happy with the MV. There are mixed reactions to BTS X Bad Decisions ft Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg.

BTS X Bad Decisions X Benny Blanco X Snoop Dogg

So, the Bad Decisions’ MV (music video) features Benny Blanco as a fan of BTS, a BT ARMY. He is looking forward to attending the concert of the Bangtan Boys. He has his whole bedroom full of BTS’s merch, pictures, postcards, posters, etc. The video features Benny Blanco getting ready for the concert. He dresses up in purple, makes a purple placard for cheering on the boys, and bakes a purple cake to take to the stadium. However, he gets stuck in the traffic. The cake gets destroyed and Benny Blanco is seen running off to the stadium where he is stopped by the security person who reveals to him that he is 28 hours early. He tries to negotiate with the security saying that he wants to have the best seat. The security man drives him off saying that it’s assigned seating. In the end, Benny Blanco is seen sitting outside the gate waiting for the BTS concert to happen instead of going home. Snoop Dogg makes appearances in between too and he’s good. Check out the MV here:

BTS ARMY not happy with Bad Decision MV?

Well, BTS ARMY is having a mixed reaction to the music video of Bad Decisions ft Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg while Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung and Jin have provided vocals to the song. BTS make appearances but only in posters, pillow covers and a glimpse of Dynamite MV for the major part. Benny showcased the life of an ARMY, in a way. While some found it entertaining, others are voicing their apprehensions about Bad Decisions’ music video. A lot of the BTS ARMYs asked if the Bangtan Boys – Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook – watched the MV before it was released. Bad Decisions is going to be a big trend in Hollywood News today. Check out the tweets here:

We were clowned all throughout the mv ??? we were right all along, he’s so unserious. The lyrics & the mv is sending two different message though? I love it nonetheless!!! ?

JINonysus (@magicjinshop) August 5, 2022

the mv is just so unserious ?

ange bad decisions (@jeonsns) August 5, 2022

BTS probably haven’t seen the MV bfr it was released ?

Nat ? (@CharNatBTS) August 5, 2022

Oh ? what about the mv ??

v (@997xv) August 5, 2022

how did they agree to the release of the mv..

sofia ? PROUD KAZU HAVER (@ittoluvvr) August 5, 2022

My reaction to the MV when I didn’t see the BTS members in it!!! ? LOVE the song though!! ???????

#BadDecisions #BTS @bts_twt

Kathy_OT7_4Life? (@HOTchapter2) August 5, 2022

yall really expected bts in the mv?? after those goofy unserious trailers ?

jikook #1 lover (@jksvoids) August 5, 2022

…help the mv

(@93×022) August 5, 2022

Yo Benny didn’t have to call us out like that in the mv

(@min_ji_a_) August 5, 2022

My thoughts exactly!!!! ??

The MV

SioMai Kim (@MVJimKoo) August 5, 2022

dude… THE MV ???

i feel attacked HAHAHAHHAHAHA

and yes, we have a bop here ?? #BadDecisions #BadDecisionswithBTS @BTS_twt

Gisel (@GiselS25) August 5, 2022

Where were the BTS boys in the Bad Decision MV? Sure, its a homage to BTS and the army but they could have at least shown even a few seconds of the boys singing since it’s a collab. I waited 4+ minutes for them to show up in the MV. ?

roge (@rogedula1) August 5, 2022

Here are some reactions wherein BTS ARMY found the MV entertaining:

The song is so good I love it ??

Benny really representing us ARMYs and the MV is so funny ???

#BadDecisions #BadDecisionswithBTS #bennyXBTSXSnoopDogg

bangtanite (@bangtanite_1306) August 5, 2022

okay but the MV is cute though. it’s just the general ARMY experience

Alma P R F (@calicocat1310) August 5, 2022

The song is so good and the MV is hilarious. Love the song. Just bought it. Less go. Let’s make it a hit

O.o (@03Kor1) August 5, 2022

the mv is questionable but the song is a banger

hugh jas ?? (@JlNT0NIC) August 5, 2022

the music video #BadDecisionswithBTS is so good!! The MV is so funny ? I love it I feel Manu army’s can relate with the room

robin Rodriguez (@robinRo75155202) August 5, 2022

Just watched the MV?? it’s hilarious. If he is early then go line up in the merch line?

?Ippi ??? (@ippihobihobi) August 5, 2022

the mv ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

deyy (@deyarchivez) August 5, 2022

the song is so lit and the MV got me wheezing ?

Trese (@gyu2tz) August 5, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth for Left and Right. It did feature Jungkook in it. Charlie had revealed that Left and Right was a Boy Love music video. The LGBTQ ARMY community was super happy.

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