BTS x Bad Decisions: Did Jimin just react to Benny Blanco recreating his purple Dynamite look? Check Tweet

BTS x Benny Blanco x Snoop Dog song Bad Decisions is out. The song is about the BTS ARMY and how crazy they are about the boys. At least, that is what the video shows where Benny Blanco is shown as a passionate BTS ARMY. The video is hilarious and there are parts which has left ARMYs howling with laughter. We can see Benny Blanco recreating the looks of BTS from their hit music videos. Now, we have seen BTS fans dressed in costumes of Black Swan, ON and even Super Tuna for BTS concerts. Benny Blanco is seen in a purple outfit similar to what Jimin wore in Dynamite official MV.

Now, Jimin has seen that clip and reacted on the same. It looks like Jimin logged in from his iPhone, which is why Twitter Web App is now trending on social media. There was a joke that Jimin had deleted Twitter from his phone.

.@BTS_twt there’s only 1 Jimin but at least i tried my best ?

benny blanco (@ItsBennyBlanco) August 5, 2022

Jimin?? #JIMIN

(@BTS_twt) August 5, 2022

The song is a summer song and it is already trending on top. Benny Blanco is an American songwriter and music producer. ARMY went crazy after he posted a video asking Jungkook, Jimin, V and Taehyung if he could join as a member of the band. They said at most they can do a song together. Jimin is trending for his perfect English pronunciation and lines in the song.


Piki (@PriyankaNongkh1) August 5, 2022

Can’t stop listening !

Jimin’s vocals is amazing, his English pronunciation is so accurate and sounds so sexy#BadDecisionswithBTS #BadDecisions #JIMIN

DawnieJiminie (@DawnieJiminie) August 5, 2022

[I want your love?]

I’ll give you all my love, my heart, my head my lungs, my everything!?

[So give me all your kisses?]

OMG Jimin I will send you my kisses not only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday but the entire week!??

Let’s make bad decisions together!!??

VOTE FOR JIMIN / #WithYouJiminOST (@voteforpjm) August 5, 2022

Jimin’s vocal contour is the most unique cus u can easily distinguish his voice even when 5 other vocalists are singing too. And his english accent has improved soo much it’s crazy actually how he gets even better when he is already the best.Proud of him

NooR? (@forsoloistJM) August 5, 2022

NO PUEDO MARTHAS!!! Esto es muy setxi ??

?SEOKJIN: “so give me all your kisses, i want you monday, tuesday, wednesday baby every night”

[Dame todos tus besos, te quiero el lunes, martes, mi rcoles, baby todas las noches] #BadDecisions #JIN #BTSJIN

Seokjin Oficial (@SeokjinOficial) August 5, 2022

“come a little bit closer, don’t make me wait” – seokjin

bts quotes archive (@btsqtsarchive) August 5, 2022

Well, BTS members will now get busy for the Busan concert, which is supposed to happen in October 2022. All the members will be putting up a group concert which is a part of the bid for World Expo 2030. They might also travel to Doha, Qatar to perform at FIFA.


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