Darlings trailer: Alia Bhatt reveals co-producer Shah Rukh Khan’s golden words after she wrapped the film – no SRK fan can miss it

The trailer of Darlings dropped today, 25th July, at the prestigious Grand Hyatt 5-star Hotel at Santacruz, Mumbai, before a huge contingent of the press. Suffice it to say that the Darlings trailer has hit all the right notes given not only the instant appreciation it received from the media, but also the glowing feedback coming through across all quartets on social media. While the first glimpse of Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma and Roshan Mathew‘s performances are all being praised sky high, it’s the blend of dark comedy, mystery and a strong feminist undercurrent that’s particularly caught the fancy of viewers for this Netflix film.

Shah Rukh Khan made an exception for Darlings star Alia Bhatt

With such a sizeable media presence gathered, it was but obvious that plenty of questions flew thick at fast at the cast on stage, especially at Alia Bhatt, the star of the show. One of the queries directed at her was about turning producer for the first time and doing it with none less than Shah Rukh Khan. Revealing what SRK told her when beginning the journey of Darlings, she said, “Shah Rukh called and said that I generally don’t co-produce films, but I’ll do it with you as an exception. He said that we will have a lot of fun and enjoy shooting the film. He recently saw the film and in typical Darlings style he messaged: ‘Thanks you, Darlings, for doing this films (the plurals were deliberate.'”

Alia Bhatt opens up on Darlings being her maiden production

Talking about turning producer, Alia added, “It was a very organic decision. When I met Jasmeet (Director Jasmeet K Reen) in 2019, I had a packed schedule. But I have a habit of taking a narration because you never know where a good script can come from. The narration started and it was pretty normal and suddenly it shifted gears. I was right at the edge of the seat and it is rare that I get surprised with a script, but it happened with Darlings. Very naturally I got a thought that I would like to be a producer on this as well. Gaurav (one of the co-producers) was extremely supportive and he said it was a fantastic idea.”

Darlings releases 5th August on Netflix.

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