Ek Villain Returns movie review: John Abraham, Disha Patani, Arjun Kapoor starrer is ridiculously bad and unbearably misogynistic

Movie: Ek Villain Returns

Ek Villain Returns cast: John Abraham, Disha Patani, Arjun Kapoor, Tara Sutaria, Shaad Randhawa, JD Chakravarthy

Ek Villain Returns Director: Mohit Suri

Where to Watch: In Theatres

Review by: Russel D’Silva

Last Tango in Paris, 50 Shaded of Grey, Kabir Singh what do these movies have in common? Well, they’re some of the most misogynistic movies of all time, plain and simple. Zeher, Kalyug, Aashiqui 2, Malang what do these movies have in common? To put it plainly again, they’re some of the most underrated movies ever in Bollywood, helmed by the criminally underrated Mohit Suri.

How then did Mr. Suri have such a drastic fall and what went so terribly wrong with his usually acute sense of filmmaking to churn out such a horrible joke of a film like the John Abraham, Disha Patani, Arjun Kapoor and Tara Sutaria starrer, Ek Villain Returns, which would’ve been hilarious given how ridiculously bad it is, but can’t even achieve that status due to how unbearably misogynist it is.

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What’s it about

Rich brat Gautam (Arjun Kapoor) tricks struggling singer Aarvi (Tara Sutaria) into falling for him to exact revenge for a viral prank, only to later have a change of heart, but things turn sideways when Bhairav (John Abraham) and Rasika (Disha Patani) enter the fray.

Watch the Ek Villain Return trailer below:

What’s hot

Two dialogues, one by Bhairav’s father (Bharat Dabholkar) and the other by Bhairav later on hit the mark. A mid-credits scenes also opens interesting and hopefully much better possibilities for the future.

What’s not

a.) The dialogues are beyond cringe.

b.) There should be a drinking game every time Arjun Kapoor says, “Marna pasand hai, haarna nahi.”

c.) The twists, if you can even call them that, can be seen from miles away.

d.) Anybody can get viral by doing the most illogical antics.

e.) The way to a girl’s heart is by stalking, terrorising and mock-raping another girl.

f.) Every girl two-times and every guy is an innocent victim of it.

g.) It’s bad to attack a girl for two-timing, but you also need to be sympathetic toward the poor guy’s heart she broke.

h.) John Abraham and Arjun Kapoor compete for who’s dialogue delivery is worse.

i.) The songs are a earsore, the cinematography, an eyesore, and the editing, non-existent.

j.) You know you’re in trouble with the best actor from your ensemble cast is Disha Patani.

BL Verdict

In a country, where women are victims of acid attacks just for rejecting a guy; Ek Villain Returns makes things problematic to a whole different level. Even legendary filmmakers have had missteps, and it would’ve been perfectly fine merely for Mohit Suri to simply make a hilariously bad movie, rather than make such a toxically bad one. I’m going with 1 out of 5 stars.

Rating : 1 out of 5

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