Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Netizens are cringing over the ongoing track; SLAM makers for focussing too much on Virat-Pakhi scenes and sidelining Sai [View Tweets]

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is one of the top most-watched TV shows in the country. The Ayesha Singh, Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt starrer TV show is a remake of a Bengali TV show called Kusum Dola. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin has been doing well on the TRP charts. It seems like an effect of the separation track and the leap that the makers brought in Sai, Virat and Pakhi‘s lives a couple of days ago. Despite a great show on the TRP chart, the makers and the show have been getting a lot of flak online. Yes, you read that right. And now, the ones who’ve watched the latest episode are slamming makers for focussing on Virat and Pakhi and sidelining Sai.

Entertainment News: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin ongoing track

In the latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, y’all will see Virat (Neil Bhatt) refusing to get treated by Sai (Ayesha Singh). He along with Vinayak, Pakhi and Mohit will leave the guest house for Chavan Niwas. Sai will be heartbroken again. Virat is currently mad at Sai and believes that she has moved on. He also misunderstands Sai and Jagtap’s bond. After the leap, the makers of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin showcased Virat and Pakhi (Aishwarya Sharma) being married and raising Vinayak. Their family members ask them to move on and plan a honeymoon trip for them. On the other hand, Sai is bitter towards Virat and lives with her daughter Savi. she refuses to divulge any details about Savi’s father to anybody.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin makers get slammed for the story

Tonight’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin will see Virat forcefully raking Pakhi away. When they reach Chavan Niwas, Virat refuses to divulge anything about Sai being alive and Savi. Later, Pakhi confronts Virat about his behaviour as he seems agitated and confused. Netizens who wanted to see SaiRat reunion and who were hoping that Pakhi will get Sai along with them when they go to Chavan Niwas, as the promo suggested are disappointed and how! They have called the ongoing storyline a cringefest. Check out the tweets below:

Anyone who’s interested in watching cringe can watch the eternal lover’s in today’s episode!I mean seriously guys it’s ?to the core!Well good thing is we have FF button on our remotes!Stop showing cringe @StarPlus @sidd_vankar @neilbhatt4 @AishSharma812 #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

Neelima (@Neela90697528) September 23, 2022

This is now going to happen quite a lot nonsense why they are not bringing anyone for sai this is cheating virat can cheat on sai because he is a man but sai cannot move ahead and find someone else #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

parissa malik (@Iqrasajid2) September 23, 2022

If virat can move a head in life why not sai bring someone for sai too she can have romance too in her life why man can do two timing this bull crap they use sai and savi for all this #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

parissa malik (@Iqrasajid2) September 23, 2022

Whoever is shooting the episodes have literally made this show a horror fest, cringe literally has no storyline.. #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin have totally ruined a show that once used to excite you..

Keshie Patel ? | Team Virat Chavan (@Keshie22) September 23, 2022

We keep saying ” that sai only can cooling down v. today fankar slap us with the fact that: Bitch p also can. ? #ghumhaikisikeypyaarmeiin

Eshraga (@Eshraga34814038) September 23, 2022

#GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin @sidd_vankar are you going to make V keep behaving like a raving mad bull who saw red or is he ever even going to realize his mistakes &why S left & what blunder he has done by marrying the very reason for S exit.V needs to seriously redeem himself for S

deepali khadka (@KhadkaDeepali) September 23, 2022

Charm shukh humara aim h

Bachaa Chor Bhabhi or Uska Dever com pati new kahani


Beena Negi (@BeenaNe98150824) September 23, 2022

After today’s episide,I will say it louder and louder,bhatt couple don’t have chemistry @4neilbhatt@AishSharma812,their scenes lacks connectivity bcozz of their eyesore acting. @sidd_vankar plz hame baksh do,we can’t tolerate #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

Shaik Fathima (@ShaikFa79267855) September 23, 2022


Genuine request to everyone today. Instead of boiling our blood for shit they served. Just hype your respective Stan’s,their work. As makers funda is day they get good trp,next day cringe is served to us and as they love negativity, royally avoid them?

HumanDoll (@HumanDoll14) September 23, 2022

Today episode only for virat(neil)and pakhi(aish)fans,sai (Ayesha) fan don’t watch crime petrol episode of real couple , please stay away from today episode ??#GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

Rohit Sharma FAN (@Rohit20951680) September 23, 2022

Fast forwarded most of the second half. This ViRakhi makes me lose my patience otherwise the show has done quite well with the drama quotient post leap specially the two kids. @sidd_vankar please reduce ViRakhi scenes else you will see a drop in TRP soon #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

Shalini (@iamshalu9) September 23, 2022

22min of episode completed only in 2 mins

Thanks to ff button

Thanks to @DisneyPlusID#GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

Roja (@Brpk331) September 23, 2022

Just for clarity- being married offscreen and showing touchy feely scenes DOES NOT CREATE CHEMISTRY. There is no chemistry b/W the real couple whatsoever and just looks revolting to watch ?? #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

Siya (@siyavt6) September 23, 2022

Advice- skip the episode! Full of Virat Pakhi cringe ????? #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

Siya (@siyavt6) September 23, 2022

Pakhi to play an instrumental role in SaiRat reunion?

On the other hand, spoilers and buzz state that Pakhi will come back to Kankauli and urge Sai to come and live in Chavan Niwas again. Pakhi is said to have turned positive after the leap. She also asked for forgiveness from Sai.

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