Good Luck Jerry actress Janhvi Kapoor slammed for rude and unprofessional behaviour during her interview; people recall how professional Sridevi was

Well, there is a constant eye on Bollywood celebs and all thanks to this social media world their private life is no more private as they have chosen to be public figures. One video interview of Good Luck Jerry actress Janhvi Kapoor has surfaced online and she has been getting slammed for rude and unprofessional behaviour people recall how professional Sridevi was. In the video you can see the female journalist making all the effort to question her, however not being respectful wears her the netzines felt that she is being unprofessional and arrogant.

Janhvi Kapoor slammed for her arrogant and unprofessional behaviour toward an interviewer

Janhvi in the defence of her behaviour was seen saying to the journalist that she is extremely tired and exhausted, ” I am exhausted. I don’t know how I am going to do this. I landed… I finished shooting… I took a flight, my flight got cancelled. I didn’t sleep all night. I landed… and I was like ok I will go to the gym because I need to look fit. I don’t know what I did at the gym because I was so sleepy. I don’t know what I have said at any of these interviews because I am so sleepy”.

Janhvi Kapoor was even picked on while eating during the interview and people reminded her how her mom Sridevi worked 10 times harder than compared to her. The actress recently faced a lot of trolling after her appearance on Koffee With Karan 7 along with Sara Ali Khan. While the actress on statement also faced a lot of backlashes when she said she would like to do a film called Nepotism with brother Arjun Kapoor. When asked about this time in the interview she said, ” “I say so much bu*****t. See that’s the thing, what I am trying to speak right now. If I am at the 20th interview of the day, I tend to talk rubbish. So I think I was trying to make a joke, didn’t land very well.” Janhvi is clearly on the top list of the trollers.

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