Imlie aka Sumbul Touqeer and Aryan Singh Rathore aka Fahmaan Khan’s love saga get Bollywood ka tadka [Watch Fanmade Videos]

Imlie fans cannot wait to see the reunion of Imlie and Aryan Singh Rathore. As of now, Aryan Singh Rathore (Fahmaan Khan) is in Pagdandiya to save his publication, Bhaskar Times. There he meets Imlie who is fighting against a local goon in a case involving a girl. Both of them will meet and their Tashan will start. Aryan Singh Rathore has been in bad shape after his split with Imlie. Fans now want the two to realise their feelings, and reunite to beat Malini. In the mean time,, Aryan Singh Rathore will tell the villagers that he is the Godfather of Cheeni. This will put Imlie in a predicament.

Imlie and Aryan Singh Rathore will have a face-off. She will be in terrible mood. But the couple will reminisce the past and their moments together. Imlie fans have also gone crazy seeing the passion, intensity and love Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer are bringing on screen. They have made many Bollywood style edits on the same. Take a look at some of the videos here…

Their love is stronger when they are together, but they convey it only in their minds

We love them because their work is here

WE LOVE YOU SUMAAN@fahmaankhan @TouqeerSumbul #Arylie #Imlie #AryanSinghRathore

Mariam (@RaghviF) August 2, 2022


Bin tere koi aas bhi na rahi?

Itne tarse ke pyaas bhi na rahi?

They met finally to start their story again. To fall in love all over again

Some dreams are beautiful than the reality ?

WE LOVE YOU SUMAAN#imlie #AryanSinghRathore #Arylie

KOMAL (@Komal31051999) August 2, 2022

??? : ??????????’? ??? ???? ?? ??????????. #AryanSinghRathore | #Arylie | #Imlie @TouqeerSumbul @fahmaankhan

Dukh.Dard.Kasht.Peeda. ? (@unicornwriter19) August 2, 2022

ARYLIE X SAANS (Aleo Lofi Cover)

It was a dream but it was beautiful ?

Why they gotta be like dis ??#arylie #imlie #AryanSinghRathore @TouqeerSumbul @fahmaankhan

Ree (@AryanxImlie) August 2, 2022

?Tere bin ab na lenge ek bhi dum

Tujhe Kitna chahne lage hum?

???@TouqeerSumbul @fahmaankhan ??No words #Imlie#ImlieAryanSinghRathore #AryanSinghRathore #Arylie#SumbulTouqeerKhan #SumbulTouqeer #FahmaanKhan

Torsades_Pavillion (@TorsadesPavill5) August 2, 2022

Imlie is one of the top five shows on Indian TV. Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer are getting immense love from fans and general public. This show has made a star out of Fahmaan Khan and her. Well, they do bring in the magic!

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