Imlie: Fahmaan Khan’s seductive voice in romantic scene with Sumbul Touqeer on Brahmastra’s Kesariya leaves fans blushing [View Tweets]

Imlie fans are waiting for the day when Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer Khan) and Aryan Singh Rathore will be reunited. We have seen how he saved Cheeni from the goon, Girish who had kidnapped her. He rescues her, and they befriend one another. He calls Cheeni as Ms Sugar. The meeting was rather cute. But as we know that Imlie and Aryan are missing one another and how. But they do not meet one another. In the mean time, the couple remember one another seeing an anklet. The makers shot the scene very well, with Brahmastra’s Kesariya playing in the background. The song has crossed 70 million shot in Varanasi with Brahmastra stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The number is sung by Arijit Singh and composed by Pritam. It has come out rather well.

The Imlie fandom is already whipped for Fahmaan Khan. The clip is going viral and how. His deep seductive voice has done the trick for fans. There is an element of sensuality too in the scene. Now, everyone is impatient for their reunion. Take a look at the tweets and reactions here…

Their hugs are always strong?.

Always when he hugs her, he smiles comfort and reassurance in embracing each other “Sukoon”?

How did they live without each other in five years??#Imlie #Arylie

Rrahul Forever (@rrahulforever_) July 28, 2022

Ok but l can’t get past this?#Imlie #Arylie

Rrahul Forever (@rrahulforever_) July 28, 2022

“Please” damnn??

The closeness between them another subject?#Imlie #Arylie

Rrahul Forever (@rrahulforever_) July 28, 2022

– OKAY NOW KISS #imlie | #arylie | #aryansinghrathore

ash.? (@mycrackischaos) July 28, 2022

@Thearjunbijlani aap ye dekho pls ek baar , inhone kesariya ke

” love storiyaan ” se pyaar karwa diya sabhi ko ???

Chemistry dekhkar Pata hai na agli baar kya bolna hai aapko?#imlie #RavivarWithStarparivaar#Arylie

YOWASSUP 😉 (@yogimastmagan) July 28, 2022

S**t F**k !! WHAT THE HELL

I can’t stop tweeting after today’s #Imlie‘s episode. Highlights

1.Kesariya song kiss romance

3. Nose touch hug

4. Payal Come back

5.intense chemistry #Arylie #FahmaanKhan #SuMaan #SumbulTouqeerKhan

ArylieFan (@Sumaan_forever) July 28, 2022

We can see the madness for the duo. Fahmaan Khan has also shared a video of Sumbul Touqeer making paper boats and floating them on water. The couple also got love from Arjun Bijlani and Amaal Mallik of late.

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