In The Soop Friendcation: BTS ARMY is tripping over Park Hyungsik ‘babying’ V aka Kim Taehyung in the second episode [View Tweets] 

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung and the Wooga Squad‘s In The Soop Friendcation‘s newest episode was released a couple of hours ago in India on Disney Plus Hotstar. The In The Soop Friendcation features five of artists – BTS V aka Kim Taehyung, Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Choi Woo Shik and Peakboy. In the second episode of In The Soop Friendcation, Hyungsik was seen taking care of Taetae aka BTS V. And ARMY is going bonkers over the same.

Park Hyungsik babies BTS V aka Kim Taehyung in Friendcation

Park Hyungsik and Kim Taehyung alongside Park Seojoon shared a very warm bond. In the new episode of In The Soop Friendcation, PHS (Park Hyungsik) was seen hugging BTS V when he woke up from his sleep, like an elder brother, doting on his little brother. He also helped Taehyung to wear his winter overcoat when they were going out. Hyungsik was also seen helping V get on the boat. He also addressed Taehyung as Taetae in the most adorable manner. Taetae is the nickname given to BTS member V. ARMY is tripping over how PHS is taking care of the BTS member and the ‘World Star V’ in the newest episode of Friendcation. Check out the tweets here:

hyungsik being unable to not baby taehyung for less than a minute

zam (@treevias) July 29, 2022

hyungsik asking taehyung is he was hungry EVEN CALLED HIM TETE ?

gwen ? (@pandesaltae) July 29, 2022

My love for Hyungsik gets higher n higher

Anitta ?? (@OT7rapline) July 29, 2022


anny (@flwjungi) July 29, 2022

taehyung and hyungsik really do be harmonizing together all the time but still haven’t released their collab like they really needs to release a song together so world can be in peace

? (@rolapayirakho) July 29, 2022

hyungsik is too soft for taehyung ??

(@bwoskkwo) July 29, 2022

im tearing up as i post clips like i cant hyungsik babies taehyung so much ?

taehyung loops (@loopsvante) July 29, 2022

It’s hyungsik he literally called Taehyung tae tae!!! Like

Deens ? (@peacemaker_d_) July 29, 2022

taehyung never missing the chance to flirt and hit on hyungsik pls?

jinnie in the box | Af (@jinniebobo) July 29, 2022

Hyung Sik really pamper Taehyung with love.

WORLD STAR V#In_the_SOOP_friendcation #IN_THE_SOOP#FriendcationEp2

EIH ??????? (@EIHALYU) July 29, 2022


bready ? apobangpo (@hubbytete) July 29, 2022

hyungsik babying taehyung any chance he gets, just like me

ley in the box? (@hyyhtaegimin) July 29, 2022

The way Hyungsik taking care of taehyungie?? he helped tete to climb on the boat accompanied him and fix his coat. They’re so cute ? Taehyung’s their baby ???

WORLD STAR V #FriendcationEp2

KimTaehyung_PAK *KTH1 IS COMING*??? (@KimTaehyung_PAK) July 29, 2022

I’m crying, seeing the way Hyungsik spoils Taehyung. I’m so glad and happy to see Taehyung having a friend like Hyungsik.

WORLD STAR V #FriendcationEp2#IN_THE_SOOP#V_ChristmasTree #ChristmasTree by #V of @BTS_twt

TAEHYUNG ANGEL ?? |(REST) (@4everLoveTaetae) July 29, 2022

hyungsik was just babying taehyung left and right while woosik was playing husbands with him lmao they’re so cute together my babies

bradie (@tetelittl) July 29, 2022

taehyung is hyungsik’s baby, there is no lie.



V Philippines ?? (@TAETAE_PH) July 29, 2022

can’t stop crying over how much hyungsik was babying taehyung in the ep ? thats his baby

– – (@lyricsbyv) July 29, 2022


celine ? (@hobiintiny) July 29, 2022

Mini compilation of Hyungsik babying Taehyung in today’s episode ?

Chimmy ? ?| [email protected] n th b x ??? (@AimanMehmood22) July 29, 2022

What is Taehyung and Hyungsik’s connection

Talking about PHS, V and Seojoon’s bond, the three of them worked together a couple of years ago. For the unversed, Park Hyungsik, Park Seojoon and Kim Taehyung were a part of South Korean’s ensemble cast historical drama – Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Taehyung was just like a baby back then who had quite a fan following as a BTS member. Hwarang was released in 2016. They quickly became friends on the show and have remained thus.

Wooga Squad and In The Soop Friendcation deets

For the new here, Wooga Squad is a short form for ‘Woori-ga gajok-inga?’ which translates to ‘Are we family?’. It means they are like brothers though not related by blood. Talking about In The Soop Friendcation, it’s gonna be a mini-series of 4 episodes which will release on Disney Plus Hotstar every Friday at 11 PM KST. In India, the episodes come out 12 hours before. Along with the OTT release, the episodes are also being aired on the JTBC network in South Korea.

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