Kannada actor Chandan Kumar issues clarification after being attacked on the sets of Telugu show; fans rally in support

Kannada actor Chandan Kumar was recently allegedly assaulted by a technician on the units of his Telugu show Srimathi Srinivas. Yes, you read that right! Unfortunately, the incident reportedly took place on July 31 when Chandan was shooting for the upcoming episode of his show. A video of the same went viral on social media and Chandan’s fans are supporting him. In the video, Chandan is seen being confronted by a number of technicians on the sets of his Telugu show. A person from the sets is also seen assaulting Chandan asking him, “You are a superstar?” and telling him to apology. Chandan is seen apologizing with his folded hands. Reportedly some say that Chandan himself started the fight by manhandling a member of the crew. Their fight escalated into a verbal argument. But, the superstar denied that he started the fight and also revealed that the incident is from a month back.

The actor seems to be shocked and is trying his level best to attempt to clarify by narrating his side story. At a press conference following the incident, Chandan said, “I was tense and tired since my mother is in the hospital in Bangalore due to a heart problem. But I had to be at a shoot in Hyderabad. There was a delay in the shooting due to which I just went to take rest for a few minutes. But someone in the crew accused me of delaying the shoot and sleeping for over 30 minutes.” The Bigg Boss Kannada fame Chandan also revealed that when he asked why the person is exaggerating, he was manhandled which led to a scuffle. The crew also kept asking him, “You think you are a superstar?” The incident made him believe that he was treated the way since he is a Kannada actor and that he felt targeted and insulted.

On the work front, Chandan is known for his roles in popular serials like Radha Kalyana, Lakshmi Baramma, Marali Mansagide and more.

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