Leonardo DiCaprio-Gigi Hadid relationship: Is Leo seeing his exes Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Toni Garrn in latest GF? Here’s what we know

He is among the biggest superstars that Hollywood has ever seen. He drives as much headlines for his smash hit movies and performances that reap award as he does for his relationships and dating quirks. We’re referrinf to Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s once again sending the media into a frenzy after calling it off with Camila Morrone and beginning a new affair with supermodel Gigi Hadid. And while myriad scribes and numerous fans are relieved that he’s finally dating someone over the age of 25, word is spreading that Leo has only broken his pattern to clean his image. There’s another school of thought though that he’s finally looking for someone mature to actually get serious on the personal front and feels that 27-year old Gigi could be the ideal partner.

Is Leonardo Di Caprio dating Gigi Hadid because she’s over 25?

Copious talk is going on in Hollywood news circles that Leonardo DiCaprio is only with Gigi Hadid and she fits the bill of someone over 25 years of age as despite seldom being embroiled in controversies, regularly choosing great movies and doing immense work for the environment, the Oscar winner’s image has taken a bit of a hit in the past couple of years with both the media and public pointing fingers at the 47-year old never dating someone over the age of 25, and, in fact, breaking up women when they turn 25, case in point being his last relationship withCamila Morrone. There’s talk also of Leo deliberately choosing Gigi for her being merely 2 years over 25, since she could clean his image, plus he doesn’t need to venture too far ahead of his age bar.

Is Leonardo Di Caprio actually serious about Gigi Hadid?

There are those though among the aforementioned circles who feel Leo is actually serious about Gigi and believes her to be mature enough to bring some stability in his personal space. According to these sources, both are currently taking it slow, but are really hoping things work out.

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