Pranitha Subhash REACTS to criticism on post where she’s sitting at her husband’s feet; says, ‘That’s hardly a point to debate’

Pranitha Subhash is currently enjoying motherhood and her time with her family. The actress has been super active on social media and has been sharing a lot of pictures and videos of her real-life moments. A couple of days ago, Pranitha Subhash shared a picture from the Bheemana Amavasya ceremony. The picture featured Pranitha sitting near her husband Nitin Raju‘s feet. There were a lot of reactions to Pranitha’s Instagram post which also included criticisms. The Hungama 2 actress has reacted to the same now…

Pranitha Subhash reacts to criticisms on her Bheemana Amavasya post

On 28th July, Pranitha Subhash posted a picture of herself performing a ritual. She was seen sitting near the feet of her husband, Nitin Raju. The post got a lot of flak and opened up a debate on how our country still follows all the patriarchal things. Pranitha has reacted to the various reactions. She said that there are two sides to everything and shared that about 90 percent of the people had good things to say about her post. Pranitha shared that she belongs to the industry where it’s all about glamour. But that doesn’t mean that she cannot follow the rituals she has grown up watching and believing in. Pranitha Subhash revealed that she did the ritual last year as well when she was a newly married bride. However, she had not posted a picture about it back then. For the unversed, Bheemana Amavasya is a tradition followed by Hindu women who pray for the long lives of their husbands and the male members of their families.

Pranitha defends her post

Pranitha Subhash’s post has become one of the biggest news in the entertainment news. The Hungama 2 and Bhuj: The Pride of India actress also added that she has been following all the rituals and customs for a long time. Pranitha says that she has always been a traditional girl at heart and loves everything that has to do with values, family, ritual, etc. She shares that she is a homely person and doesn’t mind living in a joint family. The actress shared that one can be modern but should not forget his/her roots. She adds, “Sanatana dharma is a concept that is so beautiful and embraces one and all and I am a firm believer of that. ” When asked about why it’s only the wife praying for her husband’s long life and not vice versa, Pranitha says, “That’s hardly a point to debate about. We all pray for each other’s health and well being.”

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