Rush Hour ft BTS’ J-Hope and Crush out! ARMY finds references to Mic Drop and more Bangtan Boys’ songs 

BTS member Jung Hosoek aka J-Hope is on fire! Nope, not literally, but boy, his new single with Crush called Rush Hour dropped a couple of minutes ago. Rush Hour ft J-Hope is as guessed one of the biggest trends on Twitter already. J-Hope is dropping his solo music and winning hearts these days and he has done just that with the new single Rush Hour. BTS ARMY who were waiting for the MV of Rush hour were pleasantly surprised after watching it for there were hints of other Bangtan Boys‘ songs including Mic Drop.

Hollywood News: J-Hope’s appearance in Crush’s Rush Hour

Rush Hour ft J-Hope is J-Hope’s second solo project. J-Hope started off with his solo album, Jack In The Box. The solo album consists of 10 songs. And after winning hearts with the songs such as Arson, More and others, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope surprised everyone with his performance at the Lollapalooza. And now, he is here with another single in collaboration with Crush, Rush Hour. The rapper steals the show and how! Be it with his rapping skills or his ‘Smooth like Butter’ moves.

Check out Rush Hour ft J-Hope Music Video here:

BTS J-Hope shares a snippet from Rush Hour with Crush:

BTS ARMY finds Mic Drop and more BTS song references in Rush Hour

Rush Hour would be like a pleasant surprise for the ARMY as it has a couple of BTS song references. The most prominent one is the Mic Drop choreography that has been used in the Rush Hour song. And it’s J-Hope, so watching Hobi perform the choreo has sent ARMYs into a tizzy. That’s not it, some of the ARMYs found references to Butterfly, We Are Bulletproof Pt 2 and other songs as well. Check out the tweets of BTS ARMYs here:


ark dinlerken s rekli bi yerlerim sallan yo hobiimmm harikas nnn u dansa sese bak n her eyde 1 numara

ay bi de orda bi micdrop hareketi mi var trailer’da da vard

zek (@tonymontana_z) September 22, 2022

The freestyle ???


Just Dance

MIC Drop


HE IS SO COOL ?????#RushHourftJHOPE #RushHour #rushhourwithcrushxjhope #rushhouroutnow #rushhourwithjhope #Crushxjhope #JHOPE

kimthv ? (@taetaebeaarr) September 22, 2022

I really love the references that Hoseok did in the choreo in the MV of ON and Mic Drop

Not only they are so fitting to the song and his rap verse, but it also shows how he so proudly brings him being part of BTS to everything he does#RushHour #RushHourOutNow #RushHourftJHOPE

Feresloid ? Hoseok’s gf (@Feresloid99) September 22, 2022

um mic drop rapidinho aqui #RushHourftJHOPE

any (@srtminyoongi) September 22, 2022

Was hard to miss the few Mic Drop moves in the choreography???loving this retro beat and seeing Jhope dancing and singing. Banging#RushHourftJHOPE#RushHourOutNow

Poison BTS Goddess – BTS Chapter 2 (@PoisonBunny3) September 22, 2022

#RushHourWithCrushxJhope #RushHourftJHOPE – MV once again proving Hobi can wear ANYTHING and pull it off.

And can we talk about the MIC Drop choreo?!?!?!?!

Like, Hobi, please, let me breathe ??

Kat | Mama Owl ??? (@larkspurandmoon) September 22, 2022

Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? #RushHourftJHOPE #MicDrop @bts_bighit #BTS #jhope

Lili Varot (@LiliVarot) September 22, 2022

The MIC DROP MOVES wowww king #RushHourftJHOPE

joanna c. ?? (@ohh_ship) September 22, 2022

+ BWL, Butterfly, Mic Drop, We Are Bulletproof pt 2 Jimin jump refs?!???#RushHourftJHOPE

JKs_Waist ?? (@JKs_Waist) September 22, 2022

THE MIC DROP DANCE MOVE #JHope #Crush #RushHour #JHopexCrush #CrushxJHope #RushHourFtJHOPE

bts memeories (rest) (@btsmemeories) September 22, 2022

that MIC DROP choreography ?#RushHourftJHOPE

TS (@0T7_Paradise) September 22, 2022

Talking about J-Hope, during his short interview with Zico, J-Hope opened how up about why he didn’t collaborate with any artist for his solo album debut. Hobi said that he wanted to lay a foundation and put forth the image of himself as a solo artist who can do anything and everything. And now, we think we will get more of Hobi’s solo and collaborative works. J-Hope’s surely in demand after Jack In the Box.

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