Smriti Irani slammed as the netizens claim she is ‘lying’ about her daughter Zoish Irani NOT being an owner of restaurant in Goa

Smriti Irani has been making headlines ever since she claimed in her press meet that her daughter Zoish Irani has nothing to do with the restaurant and bar in Goa. The Union Minster slammed Congress and alleged that they have false claims against her 18-year-old daughter running a bar in Goa and said that her fault is that she is my daughter who dares to question Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi about loot of rupees 5000 crore. In the press conference, she hits back at Congress and said, ” My daughter’s fault is that her mother holds a press conference on the loot of 5,000 crores by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Her fault is that her mother fought against Rahul Gandhi in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha polls”. And even threatened of dragging them to court for spreading false news against their daughter.

While Smriti is in the defence of her daughter, the internet strongly claims that the union Minister is lying and they are showing proof of Zoish being the owner of this restaurant and bar in Goa.

Some members of BJP are shamelessly claiming that the owner of the bar is not the daughter of ‘Tulsi’ ji, this video is for them. #smritiiranidaughter

Tell me it’s fake recording

# _ _ _

UTTAMCHAND (@UttamYKT) July 24, 2022

BJP studied and implemented every method of hiding corruption but this guy was out of syllabus.#smritiiranidaughter

CN (@chetan_naik) July 24, 2022

The Story of two Teenagers.#smritiiranidaughter #SmritiIrani #AryanKhan

Mohammed Zubair Ali (@zubair7673) July 24, 2022

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite! ..#smritiiranidaughter

Roshan Rizvi (@Roshan_Rizvi) July 24, 2022

Is this a Library where Cylindrella Madam #smritiiranidaughter 18 year old studiously studying after college hours @INCIndia @INC_Television @INCKarnataka @INCGOAPCC @INCGoa @INCGoaSM @INCGoaSCDept #SmritiIrani

Anand Prasad,KPCC,Social Media (@Onaesimus) July 24, 2022

We all know that inheritance characteristics of mother-father to successor. This is all prove that…

Like Mother like Daughter!# _ _ _ #SmritiIrani #smritiiranidaughter @smritiirani

Birendra Sharma (@DrBirendraShar2) July 24, 2022

Will the license be canceled in the same manner with which the word BAR has been removed from the board?

Is any Godi media channel debating on this issue?#smritiiranidaughter

GAMMAisLive (@GAMMAisLive) July 24, 2022

Aryan Khan also has only one fault that he’s the son of the father of BJP. It’s Karma #SmritiIrani #smritiiranidaughter

? (@bbsrSRKIAN) July 24, 2022

How she can be so Hypocrite? She talk nonsense about anyone without knowing facts and truth but now she is not saying a single word about her Corrupted family.

Spineless!!# _ _ _ #SmritiIrani #smritiiranidaughter

Pandit Aparna Thakur (@Iamshaktii) July 24, 2022

Truth vs Lies

Indian Youth Congress (@IYC) July 23, 2022

? Smriti Irani claimed that her 18 year daughter has no relation with ‘Silly Soul Cafe and Bar’

? In this video you can see Smriti Irani’s daughter is running ‘Silly Soul Cafe and Bar’.#SillySoulCafe #smritiiranidaughter

Faithful Indian ?? (@faithfulindian8) July 24, 2022

???? ??? ?? ? ????

It started with ?????….#SmritiIrani proved that ??????? can never tell the ?????. # _ _ _ #smritiiranidaughter

l Tanmoy l l (@tanmoyofc) July 24, 2022

Earlier, mother claimed she had a degree from Yale, which is fake.

Now, the daughter runs an illegal bar licensed on a dead person’s name.

Illegal Irani and her family drama. #smritiiranidaughter

Basanagouda Badarli (@Basanagouda99) July 24, 2022

Smriti Irani is called a hypocrite after her claim in the press met. We wonder if the Union Minster will hold another press conference for the same?

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