Some FAQ Related to Bigg Boss

Que – Who owns Big Boss?

Ans – Bigg Boss is owned by Endemol Shine Group, which has all the rights to produce Bigg Boss.

Big Boss Celebrity is the Indian version of the Big Brother reality TV show which has franchises in 54 countries. The Big Brother reality TV show has debuted in the Netherlands and is produced by John De Mol Jr.

Que – Is Bigg Boss Real or Faked?

Ans – Bigg Boss is not a fake show, but rather a highly edited reality TV show. Bigg Boss Producers edited the daily proceedings of Bigg Boss and they compile what they want to see.

Que – Which season of Big Boss is the best?

Ans – Bigg Boss 10 is considered to be the most-watched season of Bigg Boss, as its Grand Finale received a rating of 7.6 TVR. Bigg Boss 10 is Salman Khan’s 10th season as the host.

Bigg Boss popularity grows every year and Bigg Boss viewership touches the sky whenever it comes to TV.

Que – Do Big Boss contestants get weekly salaries?

Ans – According to sources, the contestants of Big Boss get weekly incentives and now they will stay more in Big Boss house and they will get the salary.

Que – Is Bigg Boss Reality Show Scripted?

Ans – The Bigg Boss show is not scripted at all, but it can be said that it is fictitiously edited. Bigg Boss management cannot let you watch all day’s proceedings.

So they cut the best moments or those moments that would attract the audience and then broadcast them daily at night.

Que – How do I vote for Bigg Boss contestants?

Ans – Here are two ways of doing the Bigg Boss vote, one is offline and the other is online. You can get detailed instructions.

Que – Where is Big Boss House located?

Ans – Bigg Boss House is located in Lonavala which is present in Pune district, Maharashtra, India.

Since 2008, Lonavala is the place where Bigg Boss House is established. Every year the Big Boss house has a different theme so the house interior changes regularly.

Que – Who will win Big Boss 15?

Ans – The housemate who gets the most votes will be declared the Bigg Boss winner.

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