This top Bollywood actress is unhappy with her ex boyfriend’s cameo in her husband’s film?

This A-lister actress who got married to her talented boyfriend some time ago is right now facing a lot of trouble in her paradise. There is a huge buzz that the actor’s mom is giving her an extremely tough time and it is becoming hard for her to adjust with her and is avoiding even meeting her. While the mother-in-law wants them to join them for most lunches and dinners, the actress chooses to avoid it due to her too much interference in their lives. While she is dealing with her mom-in-law, she is a tad bit unhappy with her husband as well.

Reason? Well he has none other than her ex-boyfriend doing a cameo in one of his most awaited films. The couple have had a lot of arguments on the same, while the actor husband wants her top Bollywood actress wife to stay away from his professional decision, she wants him to share everything with her as they are life partners. This top actress had a sour separation with her ex and hence doesn’t want his involvement in her and her husband’s life personally or professionally. The huge buzz is that the girl is very upset with the twists in her life and during this tough time, her brother-in-law has been standing by her like a rock.

This Bollywood actress has always kept her life private and is very unhappy that her personal life has become a hot gossip among her close people. While she expects a lot from her husband he has been avoiding these small problems and wants her to focus on her work and give time to things as he has assured her everything will be fine with time. Well, we hope it does. However the actress is not very hopeful there will be better days and so she has been sulking. Have you guessed who they are?


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