Tiger 3 star Salman Khan upgrades car to a bulletproof Land Cruiser following death threats allegedly made by Lawrence Bishnoi gang

It seems that Salman Khan is well and truly facing the heat these days of his life being in danger. If reports are to be believed, then the Tiger 3 superstar has upgraded his regular mode of car travel to a Toyota Land Cruiser, with his current vehicle featuring bulletproof glass and armour. Apparently, this version of the Toyota Land Cruiser isn’t the all-new model, but the one from the previous generation, and was recently spotted coming out of the driveway of Salman Khan’s home, Galaxy Apartment in Bandra, Mumbai.

Salman Khan, father Salim Khan receive letter with death threats

Earlier, it came to light that legendary scriptwriter Salim Khan came upon an anonymous chit near the Bandra Bandstand promenade, Mumbai, on Sunday, 5th June, while taking a break from his morning walk. Police have confirmed that the chit contained death threats for both Salim and his superstar son, Salman Khan, with the words, “Moose wala jaisa kar dunga (I’ll give you a fate like that of Moose Wala),” written on it among other dire threats.

What did the police say about Salman Khan, Salim Khan’s threats?

An officer with the Bandra police said, “The letter was found by Salim Khan’s security staff on a bench. Salim Khan follows a morning routine where he goes for a walk on the promenade accompanied by his security personnel. There’s a location where he typically takes a break. A chit had been left behind on a bench.” The cops have registered an offence and are checking CCTV footage in the Bandra Bandstand are, besides also making inquiries with locals as a part of their investigation. Apparently, they’re taking all such matters very seriously after the Sidhu Moose Wala shooting.

Salman Khan’s security tightened after Sidhu Moose Wala murder

The police security has actually been tightened though for Salman Khan, after he and father Salim Khan received the death threat letter post Sidhu Moose Wala’s shooting. As per Bandra police officials, three gang members of Lawrence Bishnoi, who had arrived in Mumbai from Jalour, Rajasthan, planted the letter for Salim to find, which was disclosed by Mahakal alias Siddhesh alias Saurabh Kamble an alleged member of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang while he was being interrogated after being arrested in Pune earlier this week.

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