Vikrant Rona actor Kichcha Sudeepa opens up on Bollywood films tanking at box office; says, ‘If Virat Kohli is out of form, you can’t take away his records’

The pre-release event of Vikrant Rona happened today, 25th July, at the prestigious Taj Lands End 5-star Hotel at Bandra, Mumbai, before a huge contingent of the press. Suffice it to say that the Vikrant Rona pre-release event hit all the right notes given not only how it sent the media into a frenzy, but also how the event quickly went viral across all quartets on social media. Of course, a lot of that had to do with some of the blockbuster statements made by both Salman Khan, who’s presenting Vikrant Rona in Hindi, and Kichcha Sudeepa, the star of the movie much like the blockbuster collections of their films.

Salman Khan opens up on Bollywood films tanking at the box office

Inevitably, the conversation veered toward the sorry state of Bollywood movies currently at the box office, big or small. When Salman Khan was asked to weigh in on what seems to be ailing Bollywood at the moment, the superstar added, “We all try and make the best film, we want it to reach everyone. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn’t. There’s no formula to this, that something will work 100%.” Short and sweet, but to the point quintessential Salman.

Kichcha Sudeepa draws an analogy between Virat Kohli and Bollywood

Contributing to what Salman stated on the topic, Kicchha Sudeep added, “I don’t want to generalise. A lot of films are made in a year, not every film does well. A couple of films do, a couple of films don’t, that doesn’t mean that we generalise and say something is dominating. There are good times for everything. If the Hindi film industry wasn’t doing great films, if it didn’t have great people, how would you sustain for so many years? It’s there, it’s just a matter of… It’s like… Virat Kohli being out of form for a while are you going to take away his records? It doesn’t work that way… Every industry is standing by its potential. Even from Hollywood, only those 10-15 films release each year in India that work. There are about 200 Hollywood films that dont work, which we don’t know about (more than that releases in India, but he makes a valid point).”

Vikrant Rona also stars Jacqueline Fernandez and releases on 28th July in theatres worldwide.

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