Why Bigg Boss Telugu Non-Stop Live Streaming Stopped?

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is making headlines since last night as the live streaming stopped. As we mentioned earlier, Bigg Boss Non-Stop Live has been having many issues from day one, and there have been many tweets from Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers to Hotstar and Star Maa over these issues.

One of the most prominent streaming sites in the nation is Disney+ Hotstar. In Telugu, the streaming company is progressively gaining traction. Bigg boss Non-Stop is the platform’s best hope for increasing viewership. BB Non-Stop is an OTT edition of the television program that will air 24 hours a day, continuously. The transmission, however, was cut off in the middle around 12.01 am. on Thursday.

The reports are coming that the organizers of Bigg Boss are setting up the house for more Non-Stop Entertainment which is the main reason they stopped the live streaming. Live will start from Thursday Midnight at 00:00 hours.

Complained that the audio of the contestants was breaking in between and that the video appearing was blank. We can say that there was a lot of disturbance during the Bigg Boss Non-Stop Live, and netizens are slamming the show’s producers for ignoring it. Hotstar subscribers who subscribed to watch the Bigg Boss show live are now trolling Hotstar.

Meanwhile, many memes are trending on the social media platforms over Nagarjuna’s line in the promo that “Bigg Boss Non-Stop will entertain the audience without comma and full-stop.” So let us wait and watch what Hotstar is doing to solve the issue.

In today’s episode, the contestants will be seen competing to find the soft toys in a pool of thermocol balls. We have to wait and see that who will become the first captain of the OTT season.

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