Will Paras Kalnawat flourish after the Anupamaa controversy? Is Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10 a new start? Check out Tarot prediction

Anupamaa’s Paras Kalnawat is making news and how. The young actor was sacked from the team of Anupamaa after he signed Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10 with a rival channel. He has given a series of interviews after that saying that how there is discrimination on the sets of the hit daily. Paras Kalnawat addressed a number of issues faced by him. He also dropped hints of what could possibly be wrong. Tarot reader Aditya Nair has given a prediction on how Paras Kalnawat’s career might flourish from now on.

He has said that the Universe is working together to bring positive changes in Paras Kalnawat’s life. He said that he got the Oracle cards of Free Spirit, Light and Courage for Paras Kalnawat. This means that he should live his life as per his values and it was time to show the world his unfiltered side. The cards also encouraged Paras Kalnawat to live his life fearlessly. It said that he had determination to forge his way ahead.

The Tarot expert said that Paras Kalnawat mulled a lot about his past choices in life. He has felt a lot about times when his potential was underestimated or not used well for a project. Aditya Nair said that Paras Kalnawat got The Hanged Man card. Paras Kalnawat is headed for spiritual growth and this time he will not surrender easily to a situation.

He has got the Eight Of Pentacles card which denotes that he will enter a new dimension. This time, Paras Kalnawat’s efforts won’t go in vain. Nair has said, “Pay close attention on the details. This card brings a great omen as it signifies new projects and You may find yourself achieving a level of mastery in whatever you are doing. This will be achieved by hard work, dedication and diligence which according to me is inbuilt.”

He also warned the actor against betrayals and told him to look for red flags in relationships. As per Nair, Kalnawat can achieve great success if he keeps a cool head and manifests the right things. But he advises him to be discreet of his plans and strategies.

Nair feels that Paras Kalnawat has full chances to win this season. He stated, “He has got the Chariot and Temperance cards. The Chariot is a card of success, ambition, determination, hard work and focus. I can see major possibilities to win this season Paras. Chariot is a sure shot card of victory but it comes with obstacle too. You must only focus on the Prize and nothing else. This is the time to prove yourself and universe is with you. With “Temperance Card” you are asked to have patience and persistence.”

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