Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: AbhiRa fans notice Harshad Chopda’s discomfort during a scene due to leg injury but gush over his ‘cuteness’ and ‘hotness’

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starring Harshad Chopda, Pranali Rathod and Karishma Sawant starrer is one of the most-watched TV shows in the country. However, the TRPs of the show haven’t been working in the favour of the makers and the cast of the show. Though the TRPs of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are not too low, they have been chucked out of the TOP 5 this past week. Just recently, the makers introduced the track of Anisha (Kashish Rai) and Kairav’s (Mayank Arora) marriage. And now, the drama surrounds around Kairav-Anisha wedding alongside Abhimanyu-Akshara’s journey.

Fans notice Harshad’s discomfort in an upcoming episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is always trending in entertainment news. It has a loyal fanbase and recently the track of Kairav aka Mayank Arora and Anisha aka Kashish Rai’s wedding was introduced. Now, the sudden proposal of Anisha to Kairav is something that the Goenkas are not happy or comfortable with, especially Mimi aka Swati Chitnis. The Goenkas feel that Anisha had gone missing for a while and dropped the bomb as soon as she returned. Now, in the upcoming episode, we will see Mimi aka Suhasini not coming to bless Kairav and Anisha for their ritual. Abhimanyu visits her. And in the scene, a fan have notice the discomfort of Abhi aka Harshad Chopda, as he sits down near the feet of Suhasini. However, it’s an adorable scene and hence, they couldn’t stop gushing over his cuteness. And well, Harshad Chopda is hot so his hotness also became the talk of the Twitter town. Check out the tweets here:

Have you guys noticed.. Harshad still has some issues with his feet he was not able to sit properly even during the dance their was something unusual.. but he is still working..

STARPLUS PROMOTE YRKKH ON TV #AbhiRa #yrkkh #HarshadChopda #PranaliRathod

Harshali? (@tk_aquarius) August 5, 2022

Abhi the nautanki no 1 ??? Loved this scene so much it seemed like a conversation between 2 ziddi kids …. My new ship #Mimanyu and its eternal ?#AbhimanyuBirla #HarshadChopda #YRKKH @OrmaxMedia

Mad_For_Harshad (@BepannaahNo1Fan) August 5, 2022

Ya in the song too when he went on his knees it was not normal

Mad_For_Harshad (@BepannaahNo1Fan) August 5, 2022

Hayee Foody Abhii…Here was #HarshadChopda For sure???

How cutely he said THANKU…#AbhiRa are very fortunate to have e/o..they complete e/o

PAKKA….full of love..Hamesha-Forever wala?#AbhiRa #yrkkh #YRKKH3

?? ?????????? (@Warmblush_10) August 5, 2022

It’s a blessing to have a person with whom you can enjoy the tiniest moment.. Simply their presence is enough to enlighten the aura around us?? They’re so in love with eo..lost in their small world ??

STARPLUS PROMOTE YRKKH ON TV #ABHIRA #yrkkh #HarshadChopda #PranaliRathod

Harshali? (@tk_aquarius) August 5, 2022

My favorite part of the song due to 2 reasons … One abhi being so cute and two for giving happy family vibes ?? #AbhimanyuBirla #HarshadChopda #YRKKH @OrmaxMedia

Mad_For_Harshad (@BepannaahNo1Fan) August 5, 2022

The simplicity he had>>>>>>>#yrkkh #AbhiRa #HarshadChopda

Naviiii. (@Nav_ya_) August 5, 2022

Harshad Chopda suffered a leg injury on sets of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

For the unversed, Harshad Chopda had suffered a leg injury on the sets of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai a couple of weeks ago. While shooting for an intense scene of a fire accident in the show, Harshad injured himself for real. However, he is now recovering well.

Don’t tell me they will make PB & Abhi friends just like that ? I was so looking fwd 2 a fun track with PB trying 2 win Abhi & Manjari’s heart in a fun way later knowing they were just teasing him they forgave him long back#AbhimanyuBirla #HarshadChopda #YRKKH @OrmaxMedia

Mad_For_Harshad (@BepannaahNo1Fan) August 5, 2022

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we will see Abhimanyu sharing a heartwarming hug with his father, Harsh aka Vinay Jain. Manjiri aka Ami Trivedi and Akshara aka Pranali Rathod along with others will be pleasantly surprised.

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