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Bigg Boss Live 14 Online Vote 2020: Bigg Boss season 14 is about to start from 3 oct 2020, and we all are very excited.

You must surely be willing to watch Big Boss 14. I can understand, how you would be feeling the adrenaline and excitement that we get while watching the live feed of Bigg Boss.

We here are at BiggBossLive.In have come up with an idea to share the best and the latest updates on Bigg Boss 2020.

We will provide all the latest information that is happening around Big Boss 14.

Here are you will get information about the Contestants Name who will join Bigg Boss 14, Auditions, Voting Polls, Eviction, Live Streaming, Episodes online, and every Bigg Boss Winner Name List.

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Vote & Save Your Favorite Contestants Now Live Vote [Online]

Bigg Boss Live Vote – Elimination Of This Week from Bigg Boss 14
59 votes

On this website, you can easily Vote for Your Favorite Contestants in the voting poll of BB14.

If you are a big fan of Bigg Boss S14 Show, then to save you Evicted contestant in Big Boss, you must vote. And it is important to do voting correctly.

Therefore you have to know the process of voting in full detail. By giving your one vote, you can save your favorite contestant from Evicted from Bigg Boss House. Therefore you should come to vote.

If you do not know how to give Vote? Then you do not worry that you are reading the right post right now.

By following the steps we are telling you, you will save your favorite contestant from Eviction.

Bigg Boss Live [Online Vote] – Big Boss S14 Online Results & Voting Poll

  • On this website, we will discuss all types of Alerts related to Big Boss 2020 Voting Poll, details of Evicted Contestants, and All Information and Process.
  • you can cast your vote very easily in the voting poll of BiggBoss 2020. Also, you can make predictions about each contestant and also discuss them.
  • You already know that Eliminated contestants in Big Boss 2020 need votes to stay in the house. So through this site, you can also vote here to save your favorite contestants.
  • The voting process of Bigg Boss plays a very important role for Big Boss contestants.
  • In this show each week one or more members of the house are evicted from the house after receiving the lowest votes in nomination.
  • You can see the list of Evicted Members during the episode, which contestants have been evicted from the show this week.
  • We are going to discuss all the details about Big Boss 2020 contestants, nominated contestants of Big Boss Week, and eliminated members.
  • Here we will discuss all the details related to Bigg boss Live Voting 2020.

On this site, we get the latest information about every activity and every contestant of Big Boss Hindi Season 14, plus we talk about the show’s voting process, the members, and the winner!

To save your favorite contestant’s Eviction from the show, vote for your favorite contestant, you can get complete information about the entire voting process below.

You know that every vote is very important for the show.

If you want to know every Alerts of Bigg Boss season 14, then our post is for you only. Make sure to read the entire post to learn how to vote and to protect your favorite contestant from eviction.

Big Boss 2020 s14 – BiggBoss Overview

In India, Bigg Boss started 14 years ago in the year 2006 for the first time. Because of the new concept, this TV show gained an instant fan following amongst all the age groups.

Big Boss is the Indian Hindi-language television reality show broadcast on Colors TV channel in India.

It follows Dutch reality game show Big Brother format, which was first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. Over 13 years, the show has rolled out thirteen seasons and one spin-off version.

The fourteenth season is launched on the 27th of September 2020.

bigg boss

BB Season 14 is a reality show based on the original Dutch Big Brother format developed by John de Mol.

A number of contestants known as “housemates”, live in a purpose-built house and are isolated from the rest of the world.

Each week, housemates nominate two of their peers for eviction, and the housemates who receive the most nominations would face a public vote.

Of these, one would eventually leave, having been “evicted” from the House. However, there were exceptions to this process as dictated by Bigg Boss Fourteen.

In the final week, there were three housemates remaining, and the public voted for who they wanted to win.

The housemates in the Indian version are primarily celebrities with the exception of one who is a non-celebrity selected via auditions.

Housemates are overseen by a mysterious person known as ‘Bigg Boss’, whose only presence in the house is through his voice.

A Bigg Boss House is built for every season. The house was earlier located in the tourist place of Lonavla, Pune district of Maharashtra, however, the house for the fifth season was located ND Studios in Karjat.

The house is well-furnished and decorated. It has all kinds of modern amenities, but just one or two bedrooms and four toilet bathrooms.

There is a garden, pool, activity area, and gym in the House. There is also a Confession Room, where the housemates may be called in by Bigg Boss for any kind of conversation, and for the nomination process.

The House has no TV connection, no telephones, no Internet connection, clocks, pen or paper. While all the rules have never been told to the audience, the most prominent ones are clearly seen.

The inmates are not permitted to talk in any other language than Hindi. They are not supposed to tamper with any of the electronic equipment or any other thing in the House.

They cannot leave the House premises at any time except when permitted to. They cannot discuss the nomination process with anyone. They cannot sleep in the day time.

Sometimes, the housemates may be nominated for other reasons, such as nomination by a person who has achieved special privileges (via tasks or other things), for breaking rules or something else. If something is very serious, a contestant may be evicted directly.

Every week Housemates nominate each other for Eviction in a secret ballot. The viewers then vote to decide who will be evicted. The last person left wins the major cash prize.

Big Boss is the original and unparalleled social experiment. For the most part, the Housemates are left to do as they please in a hyper-real environment largely un-penetrated by the outside

world while everything they do is watched by camera and ultimately the audience. Tasks constitute the only real interference with the Housemates’ lives.

Basic food and shopping money is provided for staples, however, the Housemates have the opportunity of increasing their weekly allowance, or furthering their position in the game, bypassing these Tasks.

BiggBoss14 is one of the most popular shows on the Indian television network. There are lots of controversies, twists, and turns in the show.

House of Big Boss means each day new thing. Check out Expected Bigg Boss Season 14 Contestants List.

Bigg Boss Season 14 Live initially was airing in just the Hindi language. However, after the success of the show makers have come with the show in various regional languages.

Big Boss currently airs in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, etc. Big Boss 2020 is aired on Star Maa and also available on Hotstar.

The everyday episode contains the main happenings of the previous day. Every Sunday episode mainly focuses on an interview of evicted contestants by the host. The unseen episode will be available on Hotstar.

Since then Bigg Boss Show has been telecasted every year and has received worldwide recognition.

Every year, Few contestants are invited to Bigg Boss House where they live together and these contestants are called Housemates.

These Housemates compete amongst each other in various tasks and try to win. Every week 1 contestant is eliminated and hence the one who stays till the end will Win the Show.

Winner of the show gets a huge price money (Last year winner got Rs. 50 Lakhs)

Bigg Boss 14 – Overview

Show NameBigg Boss s14
Contestant List 2020Click Here
Season Start Date27 September 2020
Host NameSalman Khan
Streaming PartnersColors TV & Voot Bigg Boss 14
Show CategoryReality Show
Winner NameN/A (update after show end)
Prize Money50 Lacks INR
Show Running Days105 Days
Timing10:00pm to 11:00pm [Mon to Fri]
Weekend Timing09:00pm to 10:00pm [Sat – Sun]
Official Voting MethodVoot App

You Can Also Vote Others Language Bigg Boss Voting Option

Big Boss 14 Vote and Nominations – Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss Season 14 episode has an amazing concept where one Contestant is Eliminated from the house every week.

Every week a task takes place and all the people from the loser team are voted for Elimination. During Bigg Boss Vote, nominated people are evicted.

The Nomination process takes place mostly on Tuesday and after that, the Bigg Boss Vote process starts.

The contestants who receive the major votes are nominated for the final eliminations. Then the nominated person urges the viewers to save them by voting for them through SMS.

The contestant who gets the least votes from the viewers is then eliminated from the Big Boss House.

Big Boss 14 Voting or Bigg Boss Vote Polls takes place every week and hence a nominated person is also eliminated every week.

However, there might be some surprises or changes in the game sometimes to make the show more interesting.

Note: The above vote poll of Big Boss has been conducted by biggbosslive.in to know about public opinion, not official. To vote properly you need to follow the steps which are given below.

Bigg Boss 14 Contestant List 2020

Serial No.Contestant NUpdate Soon.ameStatus in the House
1Update Soon.N/A
2Update Soon.N/A
3Update Soon.N/A
4Update Soon.N/A
5Update Soon.N/A
6Update Soon.N/A
7Update Soon.N/A
8Update Soon.N/A
9Update Soon.N/A
10Update Soon.N/A
11Update Soon.N/A
12Update Soon.N/A
13Update Soon.N/A
14Update Soon.N/A
15Update Soon.N/A
16Update Soon.N/A
17Update Soon.N/A
18Update Soon.N/A

Now, Let me share an exclusive and rumored Big Boss 14 Contestant Name List 2020 of celebrities who are a part of season 14 of Biggboss.

This list is the final list, now let’s wait for the Eviction and Bigg Boss Voting Days.!!

Big Boss 14 Voting Polls (Eliminations)Big Boss Vote

Here is another thing which is called Big Boss Vote Polls. I told you that, contestants are nominated for elimination after failing in the tasks given by Bigg boss.

Contestants are nominated by other Bigg Boss members and they then request the viewers to vote for them and save them from elimination.

The nomination process generally takes place on Tuesday after the task and the nominated person urges viewers to vote(SMS) for him on the specific code to save him.

The Bigg Boss Vote of BB 14 takes place till Sunday and then results are collected by the team.

Once, the results are clear, Salman Khan declares the contestant who got the fewer votes and hence gets eliminated. All this takes place in the Weekend Ka Waar episode.

This episode is very interesting and emotional at the same time because sometimes even the most liked person is eliminated because of fewer votes.

This is a very important and crucial part of this TV show as gradually every week one contestant has to leave the Big Boss House.

Eventually, after a few weeks, only the last few contestants are left, and then out of the 1 becomes the winner of the Show.

In Bigg Boss 13 Season 2019, Siddharth Shukla was the winner and he won 50 Lakhs as prize money.

Bigg Boss 14 Nomination list of each Week

Week No.Nominated ContestantsEliminated
Week 1not started yet.N/A
Week 2not started yet.N/A
Week 3not started yet.N/A
Week 4not started yet.N/A
Week 5not started yet.N/A
Week 6not started yet.N/A
Week 7not started yet.N/A
Week 8not started yet.N/A
Week 9not started yet.N/A
Week 10not started yet.N/A
Week 11not started yet.N/A
Week 12not started yet.N/A
Week 13not started yet.N/A
Week 14not started yet.N/A
Week 15not started yet.N/A

Major Points to Remember before you Vote in Big Boss

  • Voting lines will only be open for a particular time period. i:e You can vote from Monday to Thursday.
  • So vote for a contestant in that time period.
  • You can vote once with an Email ID.
  • The results will be announced by the host over the weekend.
  • One vote of yours can change the fate of a contestant on the show.

Process For Bigg Boss Voting? – How I Can Vote?

So, friends, Bigg Boss Vote can be done both online and offline. You have some options for online voting.

If you see Big Boss 14, then you too will want to save your favorite member from being eliminated.

Many people know about Big Boss Vote, but even today there are some people who do not know anything about voting.

There are some ways to vote in Big Boss, first, you can vote through SMS, you can vote from the Voot app, Colors Tv App, Voot Website, MyJio App, and its website.

Most people know the method of Voting by SMS because whenever you watch this show on TV, in the middle of the show you are asked to vote via SMS.

This is the easiest way, but for those who see Bigg Boss Live Voting in the online Voot App or its website, a separate system of voting has been made.

Voting for the Big Boss Online Voting and its website is also very easy, so let’s know how to do all this.

Follow these instructions carefully to know in detail about some of these procedures.

Big Boss Voting Online Voot App – Voot Bigg Boss 14

  • Download Voot Android Application (If You Don’t Have Already) From Google Play Store.
  • Go To Google Play Store & Search Voot.
  • Download the First Application (Voot Application) Shown.
  • Open the Voot Application.
  • Create An Account Or Just Sign In With Google Or Facebook Quick login.
  • Write Bigg Boss Voting In Search Bar.
  • Nominated Contestants Will Be Shown There With Pictures.
  • Select Your Favorite Contestant and Hit The Submit Button.
  • Done, Your Vote Has Submitted.
bigg boss vote voot

To vote through the Voot Android application, you must follow the following steps.

Big Boss Voting MyJio App

  • Install the My Jio app on your smartphone.
  • Then after that register yourself using Jio id or Jio phone number.
  • Then you will see the banner of Big Boss 14, open it.
  • Proceed to check to agree on the column.
  • After reaching this point you will see the list of all the nominated contestants in the Vote Now section.
  • Vote for any of them and submit your vote.

Now another method has been introduced to vote for the contestants. This is none other than voting using the MyJio application. Follow these steps to vote.

Big Boss 14 Online Voting Online Voot Website

  • Go to the Voot website.
  • Create an account with Google and Facebook or simply login.
  • Go to the search box, type Big Boss vote.
  • Nominees will come with their own pictures.
  • Click on the homemade you want to save the top.
  • Press the submit button.
  • Done, your vote has been registered.
Big Boss voot website

In order to vote, you must first create an account on this website as well.

After creating an account, you will see a banner in which Vote Now is written, you have to click on it. After this, you will see a list of nominee members who will be nominated in the current week.

Any member you want to avoid getting eliminated has to select his photo and click submit, after which your vote will go to that member.

Voting in the app of Voot and on the website is almost the same, both of which you have to create an account first.

After the account is created, a banner of Vote Now will appear on which you can vote by clicking on it.

The thing to note here is that you can vote only once in a week and you can choose only one member during voting.

Big Boss Offline Voting Missed Call

  • Note down the voting number of your favorite contestant.
  • Go to your phone dialer.
  • Paste the voting number.
  • Hit the dial button.
  • Done, you’ve played your part to save your favorite contestant.

The only offline method present for voting Big Boss is through Giving Missed Call.
For this purpose, you need to understand the steps given above properly.

Big Boss Contestants & their Registered Call Numbers

No.ContestantsRegistered Mobile Number
1unknown.to be updated.
2unknown.to be updated.
3unknown.to be updated.
4unknown.to be updated.
5unknown.to be updated.
6unknown.to be updated.
7unknown.to be updated.
8unknown.to be updated.
9unknown.to be updated.
10unknown.to be updated.
11unknown.to be updated.
12unknown.to be updated.
13unknown.to be updated.
14unknown.to be updated.
15unknown.to be updated.
16unknown.to be updated.
17unknown.to be updated.
18unknown.to be updated.

How to Vote in Big Boss 14 by SMS In 2020

If you see Big Boss 14 on TV, then you will know that you are asked to vote in between shows while watching TV, you can also vote for your favorite contestant by SMS.

For this, you have to type a message using the code mentioned on the TV and send this message to the number mentioned on the TV, in this way you can also vote in the Big Boss through SMS.

The thing to note here is that you can vote for one and only one participant in a week on a mobile number.

So now you must know how to Vote in #BB14 Here we have told you three ways out of which you can try any of the methods.

If you want to save a contestant on the show of Big Boss from being eliminated, then you can vote for it. If more people vote for him like you, then he will be saved from being eliminated.

Full Process of Voting in BB14


From the first day of the show, contestants start assessing each other. and Based on the decision or connection they made with each other, they nominate houseguests. Every housemate has a chance to nominate someone.

➛ Voting

It is our turn here to turn the voting dice. Once the nomination is done, voting will begin for the nominated contestants and then viewers will have to vote to save any of them.

➛ Weekend Ka Vaar

The weekend is the time to announce the result. Apart from this, Big Boss host Salman Khan entertains the audience and saves the contestants one by one.

➛ Result

The result is based on viewer turnout with a chance to play again with good votes. And those with the fewest votes are still considered the bottom 2 contestants.

➛ Elimination

Host Salman Khan then announces the final eliminated contestant.

Watch BiggBoss 14 Live Episodes on Application Online

Are you the one who wants to watch BiggBoss season 14 Live but does not have time to sit in front of the TV? If yes, then do not worry as there is another way to watch #BiggBoss14 All Episode Live Feed 24×7 on your Mobile phone.

#BiggBoss2020 Episodes are the best way to reduce the tension or stress for a common man. At the end of the day when everyone is a bit tired of their daily work, watching the episode of Big Boss gives relief.

Trust me, this is what I and even many people around me actually do.

Everyone likes to enjoy each and every episode of BiggBoss 14 and what could be better than live streaming of episodes online.

If you have a Tablet or a Mobile then you can easily watch BiggBoss all latest episodes anytime through the official BiggBoss14 App or Color TV app or Voot app.

All you need to do is just download the app and watch unlimited episodes for FREE!

You can easily keep a close look at Bigg Boss without even sitting in front of the TV and thanks to Jio that we do not have to worry about the Data Charges.

Watch BiggBoss Live Episodes on App – follow the below Steps

color voot app

Big Boss 14 Wild Card Entry

We all know that every year BigBoss brings some twist in the show by calling wild card entries in the house.

So here are all the details about Wild Card Entry of Bigg Boss 14 in 2020.

#BiggBoss 12 Host Name

If you have been watching BiggBoss for a long time, then you would have surely become a fan of Salman Khan as well.

Salman Khan has been the host of Big Boss for 11 seasons and high aura makes the show super amazing.

Since Salman has joined BBs14 as a Host, the TRPs of the show has sky rocketed. Everyone likes to see Salman and his drama on the stage.

People really like to see Salman doing Dance, Scolding people as well as teaching people how to perform better.

Last season i.e. Bigg Boss 13 was one of the best shows of Salman Khan and this year there would be more fun and Drama.

Also, As per the sources, Salman Khan charged 12 crores per episode in Season 13.

But there might be a case that the show is not hosted by him because of Salman Khan’s upcoming movies. But this might just be a possibility, you do not need to worry

Big Boss House

As I already told that contestants live in a house and they are called Housemates.

Big Boss house is very isolated from the outside world and contestants are locked inside under full surveillance of Camera.

Every year the interior of the house is made on a certain theme and is made on the outskirts (far from) Mumbai. The house is kept very well maintained and has all the necessities.

BiggBoss House usually has one or two huge bedrooms, a kitchen, an activity area, a gym, a swimming pool, and a big garden cum lounge. Moreover, this time the theme of the house is “Farming“.

BiggBoss House Pictures (All Seasons)

The theme of House changes every year but till now the new pictures of Big Boss House are available but soon I will update them on our site.

Let’s have a quick look at the pictures of BiggBoss House for the seasons. The house of Big boss looks very awesome as it has all the amenities there.


Every year the house is demolished and a new design is made with a fresh interior design.

Do let us know what do you think about this years theme of the BiggBoss House.

Big Boss 2020 Promotions

One of the biggest reason why Bigg Boss promo has become so hit, is their PR (Press Release).

The marketing team of Bigg Boss promo leaves no stone unturned and they try every possible marketing technique to make BiggBoss a hit.

The Big Boss promo starts at least 3-4 months before the actual starting of the show. The Big Boss promo can be easily seen on TV, YouTube, Newspaper, Bill Boards, and every other possible place.

They spend a lot of money on marketing and hence make a lot out of it too. You will get to see new ads in Newspapers every other day.

I will keep you updated with every new promo they release. Not only this, but Promos of Big Boss are also really very interesting to watch.

Big Boss Season 14 Starting Date

Big Boss 14 will start something around 27th September 2020. Let me tell you that Big Boss Promo has already been shot and even the First task details have been leaked.

One thing that I like to share with you is that people are so tempestuous because they have a strong bond with Big boss now.

Everyone likes the commentary of Salman Khan and the Bossy attitude of Big Boss.

However, Bigg Boss 14 will most probably start from 27th September 2020 as it has been confirmed by the Big Boss Official Team.

BiggBoss Season 14 Ending Date

The ending date of Big Boss 14 has not been declared yet but according to the sources, Big Boss will continue for the next 3 months.

Thus, We will at least get entertainment from Big Boss 14 show till 05 January 2021.

Big Boss 14 Live Time and Day (Daily)

Monday to Friday10:00pm to 11:00pm
Saturday and Sunday09:00pm to 10:00pm

If you are the one who likes to watch every day without missing a single episode then I can understand your urge to know the timings of the show.

Monday to Friday regular episode shows the tasks and life of Contestants in the House.

While on the Saturday and Sunday, Weekend ka Waar takes place where Salman Khan comes and tells the elimination results.

Big Boss Weekend Ka Waar

As I already told that Saturday and Sunday are the days when Bigg Boss comes and tell the results of Elimination.

Both the days are known as Weekend Ka Waar, as on this day the tension among Housemates is huge.

Salman Khan talks about the fights, tasks as well as other things that took place in the house.

Salman even scolds contestants if they did anything wrong in the house like fighting uselessly, abusing, or other bad things.

And finally, on Sunday he discloses the name of the person who gets eliminated on that week.

Why Contestants are Eliminated From Big Boss House

As you all know that this is a game show, so to make it more interesting and entertaining, the tasks are given, which also entertains the audience and the captain is selected from the team as well.

The captain who is a captain has the power that as long as he is the captain, no one can nominate him for homelessness. So everyone wants to become the captain of the house.

Now the task which is given by the Bigg Boss to the people who do not perform well and due to mutual differences between the household members, the nomination process is done by the

members of the house, and all the members who get the most votes from the house. Is nominated for homelessness.

After this, the nominee contestant appeals to the audience to vote for them. The one who gets the most votes stays in the house and the contestant with the least votes is rendered homeless.

Now if you have a favorite contestant that you want to avoid being homeless from home, then you also have to vote for him, so let’s know how to vote.

This process is also called Big Boss Eviction or Bigg Boss Elimination.

Big Boss Winners of All Season

Season NoWinner Name
Season 1Rahul Roy
Season 2Ashutosh Kaushik
Season 3Vindu Dara Singh
Season 4Shweta Tiwari
Season 5Juhi Parmar
Season 6Urvashi Dholakia
Season 7Gauhar Khan
Season 8Gautam Gulati
Season 9Prince Narula
Season 10Manveer Gurjar
Season 11Shilpa Shinde
Season 12Dipika Kakar
Season 13Sidharth Shukla
Season 14Update Soon Bro.

Typically, anyone can catch the trend of voting on Twitter. Most people follow the same trend as in the national general elections. Some type of less important controversy or anything happens in the show.

The next day, it becomes the Twitter India trend. Also, a lot of YouTubers and Instagram’s Influencers talk about the show.

Some roast it, make fun of it and some appreciate the entertainment provided by this show.

All those good and bad things lead to the promotion of the show as well as increasing the viewership of the show. This helps in achieving more TRPs.

BiggBoss s14 Live Voting Results 2020

Bigg Boss streaming had a live voting system. Live voting was conducted for the show’s selected finalists. Viewers were allowed to cast votes during the live finale episode.

And the contestant with the maximum public votes was declared the winner. The voting was done through the Voot website, Voot app, SMS, and My Jio app. The same procedure will be adopted in BB14.

In conclusion, no official date of Bigg Boss 14. has been announced, but everyone knows that there will be season 14 with the promo out. So it may be possible that we will see in September 2020.

So you should know about the Big Boss vote and its methods. Viewers can vote through the Voot website, the Voot app, SMS, and the MyJio app. We will update the article if anything is declared official.

Live Broadcasters

colors tv big boss

Colors TV is the broadcaster of Bigg Boss in 2008, the first season was broadcast by Sony Television. Let me tell you, the same production company from the first season of Big Boss is

Endemol Shine Company. Now if you want to watch Big Boss live, then you can switch to your television and watch Colors TV channel easily.

Predict For Win Gifts

Predict and Gifts

Big Boss News / Updates / Alerts / Live Show

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Moreover, You will get more interesting facts, Information as well as regular news on our website BiggBossLive.in.

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FAQ: people aslo talk about Bigg Boss 2020

Que – Who is going to be the Host of Big Boss Season 14?

Ans – So, it is clear that Salman Khan will host Bigg Boss 14.

Que – Where can we watch All Episode Big Boss 14?

Ans – The show airs on Colors TV, My Jio App, Voot App, Voot Website.

Que – Can we watch BB14 2020 Live Online?

Ans – Yes you can. It can be streamed via the Voot app, My Jio and Hotstar.

Que – How can we vote in BigBoss?

Ans – You can cast votes through the Voot app and the My Jio app.

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